1901 - Use of Transportation Funds

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Belgrade School District #44

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Use of Transportation Funds During Periods of School Closure

Pursuant to guidance issued from the Office of Public Instruction, the board of trustees authorizes the following expenditures of its FY21 budgeted transportation funds that are in addition to traditionally authorized expenditures.  The expenditures below are, as noted in OPI guidance, transportation services which provide instructional services to students. 

  • Transportation of food and meals used in nutritional programs.
  • Purchase of equipment to ensure food safety.
  • Providing accessibility to student services for remote learning.
  • Providing instructional materials to students, including but not limited to internet service adequate to allow students to effectively access curriculum during periods of school closure.
  • Cost of instructional materials, supplies, and software licenses.
  • Costs of technological equipment needed for offsite instruction/correspondence study purchased by the school district and loaned to students without such equipment.
  • Cost of correspondence study.
  • Costs of providing services to students with an IEP or a plan adopted pursuant to section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act. 
  • Costs of time off or repurposed time for staff normally paid from the transportation fund.
  • Costs to contractors of transportation services.  

Cost Guidelines

The board of trustees authorizes the Superintendent to exercise his/her professional judgment and discretion as to the necessity, quality and amount of all expenses referenced below.  Aggregate costs of items below are to remain within the budget limits adopted by the board of trustees for the FY21 transportation budget, including any budget amendments adopted by the board of trustees prior to the completion of FY21.

  • Any costs consistent with costs under normal operation, including costs referenced in any contract to which the district is a party.
  • Actual costs of delivering meals to students at locations authorized by any and all waivers of regular rules for school nutrition programs that have been adopted by the United States Department of Agriculture or the Office of Public Instruction.
  • Any costs consistent with and necessary to comply with an IEP or section 504 plan.
  • Actual costs of equipment, software and service necessary to bridge digital divides or provide a quality learning environment for students, including:
    • Equipment necessary to provide wi-fi in a student’s home, including any equipment qualifying for discount under the federal E-Rate program;
    • Equipment necessary to allow students to effectively participate in offsite instruction with an emphasis on ensuring opportunities for real time interactions, collaboration, and effective engagement in the learning process by students. 
      • Equipment purchased under this section may include any combination deemed necessary and appropriate by the Superintendent, including but not limited to mobile devices, tablets and laptops. 
      • Equipment purchased under this section shall become and remain the property of the district and shall be provided to students through a loan/checkout service developed by the Superintendent.
    • Software to ensure a safe and appropriate online learning experience by students of the district.
    • Internet service at an adequate bandwidth to ensure full and effective use of instruction delivery and interaction methods employed by the district as part of its offsite learning program. 
      • If there are multiple internet service providers in the community, the board authorizes the superintendent to choose either a single provider or to allocate/rotate selection from among all providers in the community meeting minimum bandwidth and other safety and quality standards deemed necessary and appropriate by the superintendent.



Cross Reference:         Policy 3612 – District-Provided Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks
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Legal Reference:         Section 20-10-101(5), MCA – Transportation


Policy History:

Adopted on:                04-30-2020
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Revised on:                 08-20-2020
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