1902 - Alternative Grading COVID-19 Policies

Last Updated: 11/4/2020 4:06 PM

Belgrade School District #44 

COVID-19 Emergency Measures       1902

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Alternative Grading

This policy is adopted as a temporary policy in accordance with the framework set by District

Policy 1900 – Temporary COVID-19 Policies and is intended to govern School District operations for the period affected by the COVID-19 health and safety measures implemented by the School District in response to federal, state or local authorities.

Teachers will grade students as usual in accordance with established classroom or course practices during the grading period in accordance with District Policy 2420 and the Employee Handbook.

The default option for students and parents/guardians is the grade typically assigned for students in the grade level or class which may include an A-F letter grade. Students and parents/guardians may choose to receive a Proficient/Fail or P/F grade in place of a grade typically assigned for the student’s courses. The P/F grade option can be requested by a student and parents/guardians no later than September 15, 2021, by submitting a written request to the building Principal of the school in which the student was enrolled.

For students or parents/guardians who request a P/F grade, the School District will record the P/F designation using a rubric in which all grades of 70% (C) or higher at Belgrade High School earn a Proficient, and 60% (D) or higher at Belgrade Middle School earn a Pass in accordance with District Policy 1005FE, the School District’s COVID-19 Plan of Action as submitted to the Office of the Governor and/or while emergency declarations relating to COVID-19 are in place.

Students earning course grades converted to a Proficient/Pass grade in this temporary P/F option for grading periods affected by COVID-19 health and safety measures will be granted credit for the course and the credit will count towards promotion or graduation requirements and extra-curricular eligibility. Students earning a Fail designation in a course will not earn credit, will be subject to retention consideration, and, if applicable, will be subject to extra-curricular eligibility consequences.

Grades converted to P/F will not be counted toward or against class honors or valedictorian status as outlined in Policy 2410P for classes of students graduating during or after 2020.

The School District will include a designation on the students' transcripts indicating the extraordinary circumstances for any grading period affected by COVID-19 health and safety measures.


Cross Reference:         Policy 1005FE – Proficiency Based Learning
                                      Policy 2410-2410P – Graduation Requirements
                                      Policy 2420 – Grading and Progress Reports
                                      Policy 2168 – Distance Learning
                                      Policy 2421 - Promotion and Retention

Legal Reference:         Section 20-1-301, MCA - School fiscal year
                                     Section 20-9-311(4)(a)(b)(d), MCA - Calculation of average number
                                     Section 20-3-324, MCA - Powers and duties
                                     Section 20-7-1601. - Transformational learning
                                     10.55.906 ARM - High School Credit


Policy History:

Adopted on:    04-30-2020
Reviewed on:  04-30-2020
Revised on:     08-20-2020
Terminated on: