1903 - School District Meetings, Events, and Visitors

Last Updated: 10/20/2021 5:46 PM

Belgrade School District #44
COVID-19 Emergency Measures        1903


School District Meetings, Gatherings, Events, and Visitors

The School District has adopted the protocols outlined in this policy to govern during the term of the declared public health emergency to ensure individuals present at a school facility for events or other operationally related reasons honor safety protocols. The supervising teacher, principal, superintendent or designated personnel are authorized to implement this policy in coordination with state and local health officials. 

School District Events

The Board of Trustees may authorize School District physical meetings, gatherings, and events when the event is deemed meaningful to district operations. Physical meetings, gatherings, and events shall not be held without prior authorization of the Board of Trustees.

Physical meetings, gatherings, and events held on school property shall be limited to areas designated by the Board of Trustees. All attendees at a meeting, gathering, or event authorized by the Board of Trustees are required to honor the applicable health and safety protocols outlined in District Policy 1905, including but not limited to physical distancing.  The School District shall provide suitable space for physical distancing to occur and , if practicable, markings and walking routes in the area where the event shall be held to preserve a safe event setting.

Vulnerable individuals (defined by the Centers for Disease Control at the time of this policy’s adoption as those age 65 or older or those with serious underlying health conditions, including high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, diabetes,  obesity, asthma, and those whose immune system is compromised such as by chemotherapy for cancer and other conditions requiring such therapy) must not attend School District meetings, gatherings, or events held in accordance with this policy unless attending to complete official School District duties. Precautions must be taken to isolate from vulnerable residents. The School District shall accommodate vulnerable individuals so they may participate in the meeting gathering or event via electronic means.

Visitors to Schools

Visitors to the interior of any school building shall not be permitted without the express approval of the supervising teacher, principal, superintendent or designated personnel. Visitors that are Authorized  to be present in any school building must adhere to all health and safety guidelines outlined in District Policy 1905. 


Volunteers utilized by the School District that have been approved in accordance with District Policy 5430 may enter the school building in accordance with the protocols outlined in District Policy 1905.

Facilities Use Agreements 

The Board of Trustees suspends community use of District facilities. Unless an event is specifically identified as meaningful by the Board of Trustees or their designee. All event requests should still be submitted in accordance with District Policy 4330 in order to be considered by the Board of Trustees or their designee, and if approved will be noticed in accordance with Policy 1903F


Visitors to any school building or any attendee at a meeting, gathering, or event authorized by the Board of Trustees in accordance with this policy who fail to honor the requirements of District Policy or the directives of School District officials shall be asked to correct their conduct or leave the meeting, gathering, or event in accordance District Policy 4315.


Cross Reference:           Policy 1901 – School District Policy and Procedures
                                       Policy 1905 – Student, Staff, and Community Health and Safety
                                       Policy 1400 – Board Meetings
                                       Policy 5430 – Volunteers
                                       Policy 4301 – Visitors to Schools
                                       Policy 4332 – Conduct on School Property
                                       Policy 4315 – Visitor and Spectator Conduct
                                       Policy 4330 – Community Use of School Facilities



Policy History:
Adopted on:      05/11/2020
Reviewed on:
Revised on:          08/20/2020
Terminated on: