1908 - Family Engagement

Last Updated: 11/4/2020 4:10 PM

Belgrade School District #44

COVID-19 Emergency Measures       1908

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Family Engagement

The Board of Trustees authorizes the supervising teacher or district administrator to provide Policy 1908F to families requesting to opt-out of onsite instruction at the school facility for the duration of the declared public health emergency. 

Students of families opting out of onsite instruction at the school facility for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school fiscal year shall receive offsite, online, and proficiency-based instruction, or any combination of the foregoing at the discretion of the School District in accordance with District Policy 1906. School District staff shall arrange for any combination of physical instructional packets, virtual or electronic based course meetings and assignments, self-directed or parent/guardian-assisted learning opportunities, and other educational efforts available to staff and students that can be relied upon for grade or credit in order to satisfy the minimum aggregate number of hours or determination of proficiency for the requesting student. Students determined to be proficient in one or more courses of the district shall be incorporated in the School District’s calculation of ANB, with such ANB fraction to be converted to an hourly equivalent based on the hours of instruction ordinarily provided for the content over which the student has demonstrated proficiency. 

Students of families opting out of onsite delivery shall be treated the same as students instructed at the school facility for purposes of grading, discipline, and other educational rights. 



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Cross Reference:         Policy 1906 – Student Instruction and Services
                                      Policy 1908F – Family Onsite Opt-Out Form 36

Policy History:

Adopted on:             08-20-2020
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