1911 - School District Budget Adoption, Amendment, and Audit

Last Updated: 11/4/2020 4:12 PM

Belgrade School District #44

COVID-19 Emergency Measures       1911

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School District Budget Adoption, Amendment and Audit 

The period of the school fiscal year affected by the declared public health emergency shall be the longer of the portion of the school fiscal year covered by an emergency declared by the President, Congress, Governor, Montana Legislature, State or County Health Department or the portion of the school fiscal year identified in the board’s declaration of an emergency. The School District shall avail itself of all flexibilities allowed by law, rule, or regulation and shall be otherwise governed by the school finance laws and rules of the state of Montana. The School District shall comply with auditing requirements and reserves the authority to assert its rights to manage school district funds or seek state and federal funds in a manner consistent with the full flexibility available under all applicable laws. 



Legal Reference:         Article X, section 8     Montana Constitution
                                     Title 20, Chapter 9, Part 8, Montana Code Annotated 19



Policy History:

Adopted on:             05-01-2020
Reviewed on:
Revised on:              08-20-2020
Terminated on: