8.9.2021 Agenda for Regular Meeting of the Board

Last Updated: 8/6/2021 1:18 PM

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AGENDA for the regular meeting of the Board of Education to be held at

7:00 PM in the Belgrade Middle School Commons on Monday, August 9th, 2021

  1. Call to order and roll call

  2. Explanation of Procedures

    • Recognition of visitors and explanation of procedures to be followed when addressing the Board.  Please turn off cell phones.
  3. Public Participation on Non-Agenda Items

    • As required by Montana law, members of the community are given an opportunity to make brief comments to the Board on any matters not included in the agenda. Individuals wishing to be heard shall first be recognized by the Chairperson.  Individuals, after identifying themselves, will proceed to make brief comments. The board would like to remind everyone that to avoid violations of individual rights of privacy, a member of the public wishing to address the Board will not be allowed to make comments about any student, staff member, or member of the general public. No action may be taken on any matter discussed during the public comment portion of the meeting, until such time as the matter is specifically noticed on an agenda, and the public has been allowed the opportunity to comment.
  4. Student/ Staff Recognition

  5. Leader Reports

    • 5.1  Superintendent’s Report
    • 5.2  Student Representative Report
    • 5.3  District Clerk
    • 5.4  Board Report
    • 5.5  Technology Department
    • 5.6  Principals
    • 5.7  Sports
  6. Consent Agenda – Board Action

    • Approval of video minutes and voting record 7.12.2021, 7.14.2021, 7.14.2021 & 7.29.2021
    • Approval of July 2021 Warrants
    • Approval of July 2021 Student Association Accounts/Student Activities
    • Personnel Resolution 2021- 8A
    • Cancellation of Checks & Warrants: N/A
  7. Prior Business

    • Story Creek Elementary School Project Update – Bryan Tate
    • Reopening Plan
    • Facility Rental Prices
    • Policy 3310 - John Blackman
    • Policy 3311 - John Blackman
    • Policy 4315 - John Blackman
    • Policy 4332 - John Blackman
    • Policy 5223 - John Blackman
  8. New Business

    • Belgrade Public Library Update – Gale Bacon
    • 2021-22 Bus Routes Changes – Scott Lilyquist
    • Storage Sale – Scott Lilyquist
    • Destruction of Student Records – Dede Frothingham
    • Panther Trades Program
    • Athletic Director Contract Days Position 220 to 260 – John Blackman
    • Belgrade High School Athletic Trainer Position Extra Curricular Contract – John Blackman
    • Sub Pay Rate – John Blackman
    • Custodial Beginning Rate of Pay Discussion – John Blackman
    • 1900 Series Emergency Policies Renewal – John Blackman
    • Coaches Handbook Revision Clarification for Open Gyms – Toby Robinson
    • Track and Field, Splitting Head Coach Stipends – Toby Robinson