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Belgrade School Board Policies

  • Belgrade School District #44 Policy Manual 

The Link below is the same Board Policy hosted on the Montana School Board Association website.  You will leave the BSD 44 site when clicking on that link. 

Belgrade School District #44 Policy Manual (External Link)


COVID-19 Emergency Policies

  • 1900-Temporary_COVID-19_Policies.pdf
  • 1901-Use_of_Transportation_Funds.pdf
  • 1902-Alternative Grading_COVID-19_Policies.pdf
  • 1903F- School Event and Facility Notice.pdf
  • 1903-School District Meetings_ Events_ and Visitors.pdf
  • 1904-Use of Transportation Funds_COVID-19_Policies.pdf
  • 1905 - Student_ Staff_ Community Safety.pdf
  • 1906P-Student Instruction and Services_COVID-19_Policies.pdf
  • 1906-Student Instruction and Services_COVID-19_Policies.pdf
  • 1907-School District Declaration of Emergency_COVID-19_Policies.pdf
  • 1908-Family Engagement.pdf
  • 1909-Human Resources and Personnel_COVID-19_Policies.pdf
  • 1910(F3)-Telework Request Form.pdf
  • 1910F1-Emergency Paid Sick Leave Request Form.pdf
  • 1910F2-EFMLA Employee Request Form.pdf
  • 1910-Personnel Use of Leave_COVID-19_Policies.pdf
  • 1911-School District Budget Adoption and Amendment and Audit_COVID-19_Policies.pdf
  • 1912-School District Elections during Emergency_COVID-19_Policies.pdf


Please contact the administrative office if you have additional questions regarding the information on this page, or If you are experiencing difficulty accessing the information on this page. Please call 406 388 6951.