School Health Services


School Nurse Contacts


Heck/Quaw Elementary High School
Fax: 406-924-4633



Ridge View Elementary Saddle Peak Elementary
Heather DeGraw, RN
Cell: 406-224-8375
Fax RV: 406-924-2047 Fax SP:  406-924-2759


Middle School
Fax: 406-924-2241


 School Nurse Role

School nurses play a unique role in providing health care within the school setting.

But what DO they do?

  • Address the physical, mental, emotional, and social health needs of students to support their well-being and academic success while in school.
  • Provide direct care to students with injuries and acute illness, as well as those requiring long term management of chronic and special health care needs.
  • Serve as a confidential liaison between school personnel, families, health care professionals, and the community.
  • Develop and carry out the individualized health care plan.
  • Serve as a health expert on multidisciplinary teams.
  • Provide leadership for health policies and programs, and for the overall system of health care in the school, ensuring that health needs are met.
  • Help assess and promote a safe and healthy school environment.  


Please contact the administrative office if you have additional questions regarding the information on this page, or If you are experiencing difficulty accessing the information on this page. Please call 406 388 6951.