Last Updated: 4/21/2022 12:45 AM

Download PDF Images of Amsterdam Road - Trust Lands - Belgrade, MT Proposed Easement Location


  1. The school district is seeking approval to purchase approximately 60 acres of DNRC property for future schools.
  2. The purchase would be an easement, which is different from a lease. The easement is for the use of the property and is not a right-of-way.
  3. Being school trust land, the district is not able to obtain a deed for the property under current state law. However, the district would own the right to the property as long as it is being used for school business.
  4. Glacier High School (in Kalispell) is built on a DNRC easement. The Billings and Lincoln Montana school districts also have easement agreements with the DNRC.
  5. A map of the property can be found on the district’s website (


  • This property is priced lower than any in our area at this time.
  • A developer is putting in the water, sewer and power upgrades on part of the property. So, the district will not have to front those costs for others who might want to develop parts of the property.
  • Without this property, the district may be at a lost for finding land in the future.
  • The voters gave the district the funds to purchase property in 2019. So, it does not have to ask the voters for the money to purchase the land. The district is only asking for approval of the site.
  • This purchase is in line with the original language of the voter approved bond.


  • An easement does not allow for a deeded transfer. However, as long as the district is using the property for school business, it remains in the hands of the district.
  • The district can’t resell the property.
  • The state land board has to agree to the district purchasing the easement. 
  • We don’t know what will happen in the future, land prices could drop or continue to rise. 
  • No one else is willing to sell the district property at or less than 100K an acre.
  • There is no other land available to the district.

If you have questions, please contact Godfrey Saunders at or 406-924-2026.