Employee Forms

Last Updated: 9/9/2021 4:00 PM

Fill-In Sub and Personal Leave Record (Teacher)

In District Mileage Form - Educators who have regular assignments in more than one building may apply for compensation fortravel expenses.  The rate for travel between in-town buildings is $.25 per one-way trip and the rate to or from Ridge View and Story Creek is $1.60. Please download the form off the district website and turn it in monthly to the Principal or supervisor for reimbursement.  Employees working in extracurricular positions are not eligible for this reimbursement.


If you are needing the below forms please contact HR as they have not been made accessible yet.

  • Application Appeal Form Schedule B
  • Certified Absence Form
  • Certified Donation Form – Fillable (Certified)
  • Claim for additional duty days or trade-out
  • Claim for misc. service
  • Classified – Donation Request – (Fillable)
  • Classified Performance Evaluations
  • Course Approval Form- (Fillable)
  • Day Care Reimbursement Contract
  • Day Care Reimbursement Request
  • Extra Duty Contract
  • Health Flexible Spending Account Reimbursement Request
  • Infinite Campus Rights & Permissions
  • Med Impact Claim Form-D1_1_06
  • Off-site agreement
  • Overtime Form
  • Professional employee contract (non-teaching)
  • Teacher sub contract
  • Teacher, claim for long duty Day
  • Teacher Contract
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • THM Health Assessment Form
  • Variance from building hours
  • Workers Compensation Report of Injury Form


Please contact the administrative office if you have additional questions regarding the information on this page, or If you are experiencing difficulty accessing the information on this page. Please call 406-924-2492.