RFP - Permanent Outdoor Aluminum Stadium Seating at Belgrade High School

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April 2022 

Prepared by
Carrie Fisher, Finance Director
LeRoy Lundell, Facilities Director
Toby Robinson, Activities Director



Invitation to Submit Bids (Legal Advertisement)

Schedule of Events                                                                       

1.0 District Overview

2.0 Terms and Conditions

3.0 Proposal Requirements






Notice is hereby given Belgrade School District #44, Gallatin County Montana, hereinafter referred to as DISTRICT, will receive sealed bids up to but no later than 4:00 P.M., MST, May 2, 2022, for providing permanent Outdoor Aluminum Stadium Seating.

Each bid must contain a completed Vendor Authorization, the prescribed amount of Bid Security in an acceptable form, the Listing of Features, a Proposed Timeline, a Listing of optional add-on equipment/features, and a Pricing Spreadsheet.  The Pricing Spreadsheet and Listing of Features shall be submitted on the forms specified by the District, which are included in the Invitation to Submit Bids Package.  The Invitation to Submit Bids Package may be obtained from the District’s Administration Office or via email cfisher@bsd44.org.  Bids shall be received in the District’s Administration Office and addressed as follows:

Belgrade School District #44
C/O Carrie Fisher
312 N. Weaver
PO Box 166
Belgrade, MT 59714

All bids must clearly reference Outdoor Aluminum Stadium Seating.  Any bid not received by 4:00 P.M., MST on May 2, 2022 at the above location will not be accepted. Postmarked by May 2, 2022 does not qualify as received by the District.

Belgrade School District #44 reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any irregularities.


Note to Newspaper staff:
Publish Legal ad in the Bozeman Chronicle:
April 17, 2022
April 24, 2022


Schedule of Events

Task Description Completion Date
Issue Proposal April 13, 2022
Last Day for Vendor Questions April 27, 2022
Proposal Due by 4:00 p.m., MST

Bids will be opened during a special board meeting
at 4:00pm at the Heck School Library, 308 N. Broadway, Belgrade, MT.

May 2, 2022
Evaluations of Vendors May 3-4, 2022
Complete Reference Check May 3-4, 2022
Recommendation presented for Board approval May 9, 2022




Belgrade School District serves approximately 3,300 students in the Gallatin Valley of Montana.  We employ approximately 475 contracted permanent employees across 6 locations, including three (3) elementary schools, one (1) middle school, one (1) high school, and a central office.  The District is growing, and projections indicate this growth will continue into the foreseeable future.  In fact, Belgrade School District is the first district in the state of Montana to grow from a Class C to Class AA.

Belgrade School District is accepting proposals for purchase, delivery, and installation of outdoor aluminum stadium seating at the Belgrade High School track/football field, visitor side only. The new bleachers will be in the same location as the current north side bleachers.

Bids will be received for the following:

  1. All-inclusive or
  2. Individual components:
    1. Removal of current bleachers, including all concrete foundations or support above/below grade.
    2. Prepare area for new bleachers including all required finished elevations, concrete foundations, sidewalks, concrete landings, fencing, and restoring site back to original state
    3. Bleacher purchase, delivery and installation

For those bidding for the all-inclusive option the bidding contractor/installer will be responsible for an all-inclusive, turnkey scope of the visitor side only (north side) bleacher replacement, which includes designing, stamping and submitting drawings to the state of Montana for review and approval. This contractor will be the only contactor under agreement with the district to complete 100 percent of the bleacher removal and replacement. The contractor will be responsible for complete removal of the existing bleachers, including all concrete foundations or support above and below grade. Will be responsible for all required site demolition and layout for the new bleachers, cutting or importing soils to obtain required finish elevation. Finish elevation shall be set to maintain positive drainage away from track. Will be responsible for all new concrete foundations either column pads or full slab, including all concrete reinforcement and saw cutting. This contractor will be responsible for all required sidewalks or concrete landings, this includes reconnecting any new sidewalks to existing sidewalks that are required to access/exit bleachers or any damaged during installation. The contractor shall furnish and install a complete code compliant structure including but not limited to (foundations, fencing, handrails, ramps, stairways, etc…). Contractor shall install perimeter fencing completely around bleachers with access gates to restrict access to area under bleachers. The all-inclusive proposal shall be based upon submitting companies design based upon the minimum project requirement below, Base Bid Option One shall be based upon a Seating Configuration Capacity of at least 1000. Please include design within the proposal both design and cost will be reviewed to determine the lowest qualified responsible contractor. Upon completion the site shall be full restored back to original state with black dirt, grass seed, sidewalks and any fence reinstallation. Lay down area and adjacent parking lot shall be cleaned of all debris and loose soils. The project schedule with be based upon starting after last event in May 2022 (estimated June 1), and must be complete with final inspection and occupancy granted by August 15, 2022.

The owner will provide to the awarded contractor, soil boring logs, location of owner owned underground utilities, material testing and civil engineered drawings to incorporate for submission.

The objective of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to identify the lowest responsible bidder that is qualified to remove the existing bleachers from the site, including designing, supplying, and installing bleachers in accordance with all applicable laws, codes, rules, and regulations. It is strongly recommended that prospective installers visit the installation site. Interested bidders can visit the site during the site tour, which will be offered on April 20, 2021, at 1-3pm at the Belgrade High School Special Events Center. During the site tour, interested bidders will be shown all building/site areas involved and be able to view and photograph the site.

Minimum Project Requirements That Must Be Included in the Proposal:

  1. Scope of Project
    1. Companion 15 row x 117’, and 30” elevated
    2. Minimum 6 foot wide front crosswalk elevated minimum of 42” above grade;
    3. Maximum seating capacity allowable by code and/or at a minimum of 1000:
    4. Demolition and removal of north stadium bleachers and support structures;
    5. Cost to include ADA ramp and seating into new bleachers;
    6. One exit wheelchair ramp;
    7. Minimum number of required wheelchair spaces;
    8. All required vertical aisles, 54” wide with handrails and half steps;
    9. Cement reinforced column locations and gravel base for under new bleachers;
    10. Aluminum bench seats;
    11. Incorporation of school colors and logos;
    12. Signage;
    13. Install fencing around perimeter to restrict access under bleachers;
    14. Provide state approved and stamped as built drawings to the district;
    15. Complete site/civil work scope including but not limited to removals, grading, and importing soils, site restoration of sidewalks, fencing, irrigation, and grass.
  2. Installation Requirements
    1. Installer is responsible for complete design and construction in complete compliance with all applicable laws, codes, rules, and regulations, obtain all required permits and plan 5 review fees, and conduct all required inspection fees required for to obtain permanent occupancy.
    2. Preventive measures should be taken not to damage any parking lot/track/grounds; any damage done to the existing facilities will be repaired by the installer at the contractor’s expense.
    3. All bidders are encouraged to visit the site, and will receive a walk-through with the Activities Director.
    4. After completion, a walk-through for district administration is required detailing operation and preventative maintenance procedures, along with reviewing craftsmanship, completion, and site restoration.
    5. Bleachers must be installed and ready for occupancy by August 15, 2022.
  3. Code of Standards
    1. Installation should meet or exceed all applicable laws, codes, rules, and regulations. System installation must conform to Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) directives.
    2. Bleacher system should adhere to Uniform Building Code (UBC) regulations and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  4. Warranty and Service Contract Requirements
    1. Copies of manufacturer warranties on all relevant products shall be provided as an attachment to the bidder’s response to this RFP.
    2. A copy of the installation/workmanship warranty (showing a five year minimum) shall be provided as an attachment to the bidder’s response to this RFP
    3. The bidder agrees to be bound by the terms of the form agreement attached hereto. The bidder further acknowledges that the district, in its sole discretion, may negotiate the terms of the attached form agreement.
  5. Complete Scope of Work which includes the following:
    1. Timeline of work beginning with start date and end date;
    2. State approved engineered drawing;
    3. Description of materials;
    4. Breakdown of cost for project with overall costs;
    5. Proof of Insurance (see attached example requirements);
    6. Warranties on materials and workmanship.
    7. Performance, labor, and material bonds for full project value




Belgrade School District, 312 N. Weaver, Belgrade, Montana 59714, must receive sealed proposals by 4:00 p.m., MST on May 2, 2022.  Proposals must meet all specifications and requirements or they will not be considered. 


Belgrade School District may change the proposal as a result of questions submitted by vendors.  The Director of Finance will issue any attachment or revisions to the proposal to all vendors who have received the proposal.


The vendor must certify that its proposal will remain in effect for 120 days after the proposal due date.


Belgrade School District reserves the right to purchase any or all of the options requested by this document. 


Upon release of this proposal, all communications concerning this acquisition must be directed to the Director of Finance and/or Athletic Director.  Failure to observe this requirement may result in the disqualification of the vendor from further consideration.


Belgrade School District must receive sealed proposals by 4:00 p.m., MST on May 2, 2022.  Proposals arriving after the deadline will be returned unopened.  Vendors are solely responsible for insuring that proposals are delivered on time to Belgrade School District Director of Finance.  Please submit one hard copy and one digital copy of your proposal.

NOTICE:  Belgrade School District assumes no responsibility for delays caused by the U.S. Postal Service or any other delivery service.  Late Proposals will not be accepted, nor will additional time be granted to individual vendors unless Belgrade School District extends the required submittal date to all vendors. 

Proposals must address all requirements in the Proposal.  Failure to do so may result in the Proposal being rejected as non-responsive.


Belgrade School District will not be liable for costs incurred by vendors in preparation and presentation of Proposals submitted in response to this Proposal or in the participation of any requested presentation.


Vendors are responsible for errors and omissions in the Proposal and any such errors and omissions will not serve to diminish their obligation to Belgrade School District.


Belgrade School District reserves the right to obtain clarification of any point in a Vendor’s Proposal or to obtain additional information necessary to properly evaluate a Proposal.  Failure of a Vendor to respond to such a request for additional information or clarification may result in rejection of the Vendor’s Proposal.

Such requests for clarification shall be made at the sole discretion of Belgrade School District, and retention of this right shall in no way reduce the responsibility of Vendors to submit complete, accurate and clear Proposals.


Belgrade School District reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals at any time with no penalty and to waive immaterial defects and minor irregularities in Proposals.  If it is determined that a person or firm has used inside information in submitting a proposal in response to this proposal, the proposal will be rejected.


All materials submitted in response to the proposal, except for proprietary material become the property of Belgrade School District upon delivery to the Director of Finance.


This Proposal and the Vendor’s response, including all promises, warranties, commitments and representations made in the successful proposal shall be binding.


Vendors are advised that Belgrade School District ability to conduct a thorough evaluation of Proposals is dependent on the Vendor’s ability and willingness to submit Proposals, which are well ordered, detailed, comprehensive, and readable.  Clarity of language and adequate, accessible documentation is essential, and is the Vendor’s responsibility.


If a Vendor’s Proposal includes hardware, software, or services to be provided by other entities, it is mandatory for the proposing Vendor to be able to act as prime contractor for the procurement of all of the products proposed to meet the mandatory specifications.  In this role, the prime contractor must be the sole point of contact for any and all charges resulting from the purchase of the proposed materials and services for the initial procurement, as well as any additional items that are proposed to be supplied directly by the Vendor.  The primary Vendor must take full responsibility for the delivery, installation, and assembly of all of the items proposed to be supplied directly by the Vendor.  The prime contractor must also provide maintenance and warranty for its products and pass through warranties of other Vendors.

The Vendor’s Proposal must clearly indicate the materials or services, which are not marketed or maintained by his/her organization.


The submission of the proposal shall indicate the intention of the Vendor to adhere to the provisions described in this proposal.


Vendors may withdraw their proposals in person or in writing, provided that such request must be received by Belgrade School District prior to the scheduled closing time for filing proposals.


Each Vendor’s financial proposal must include all costs associated with delivering products in accordance with the draft contract.  Each Vendor’s financial proposal must include all costs necessary to procure the requested goods and services.  These costs must include the cost of all vendor-specific hardware, delivery, assembly, installation, training, and any other components.

Vendors may propose prices for future purchases that remain constant for the term of the contract or proposed prices, which increase over time.  If the proposed prices are related to a percentage increase or decrease from a price list published by the Vendor, the price list must be included and the Vendor must describe the number and names of different price lists that are published.


All questions, inquiries and protests must be submitted to the Director of Finance in writing within 72 hours after award of proposal.  Upon receipt of the protest, the Director of Finance shall suspend award of the proposal until the protest is resolved.  The Business Office will gather all necessary information regarding proposal documentation.  The Superintendent or designee will evaluate the protest.  If such resolution does not occur to the mutual satisfactions of all parties involved, the Board will decide final action in awarding the dispute.


Only Belgrade School District may determine what product is best suited and meets specifications outlined in this Proposal.  Items that do not meet specifications will be rejected.


All prices must be quoted F.O.B. with delivery to Belgrade High School. 


The information below is from the 2010 Compliance Supplement – Part 3 – Requirement –Procurement/Suspension/Debarment:

When a non-federal entity enters into a covered transaction with an entity at a lower tier, the non-federal entity must verify that the entity is not suspended or debarred or otherwise excluded.  This verification will be accomplished by checking the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) maintained by the General Services Administration (GSA). (2 CRF Section 180.300)


There will be no bid security required.


The District will accept questions regarding this bid document through 4:00 p.m., MST on April 27, 2022.  Following that deadline, the District may, at its discretion, issue an amended bid packet clarifying questions that have been raised.  If issued, the District will send an amended packet to all vendors who requested the initial bid packet. 

Belgrade School District’s technical/functional contacts LeRoy Lundell, Facilities Director, llundell@bsd44.org, 1-406-924-2488, Toby Robinson, Activities Director, trobinson@bsd44.org, 1-406-924-2554-phone. This individual, or his designees, will be responsible for providing answers to questions related to the technical aspects of this RFP, while Carrie Fisher, Finance Director, cfisher@bsd44.org will provide answers related to contractual and procedural issues.


The evaluation of supplier’s proposals may include, but is not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Ability to meet Belgrade School District requirements
  • Compliance with Belgrade School District Terms and Conditions
  • Pricing, including freight
  • Extent of services available, including warranty
  • Other options or add-on’s available for the Outdoor Aluminum Stadium Seating
  • Experience and qualifications of the proposer
  • Project approach
  • Safety record
  • References
  • Company’s financial stability
  • Implementation Timeline





Vendor proposals must include the following components:


  • Vendor Name
  • Vendor Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Vendor Phone Number
  • Vendor Fax Number
  • TAX ID #
  • Vendor representative for project
  • Representative Email and Phone Number
  • Authorized Signature
  • Email Address

Attach the following:

  • Current W-9 form
  • Provide names and resumes of key personnel who would be directly responsible for the work.
  • Provide three references with at least one in the general area where the Belgrade School District staff may view project.
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Manufacturer’s Warranties
  • Installation/Workmanship Warranty (min. 5 years)


The District has developed a list of specifications that is included as a part of this bid packet.  It is our expectation that the successful bidder will be able to accommodate all of these requirements. Bidders should indicate whether your product includes each feature listed.  If any requirement cannot be met exactly as specified, bidders may choose to identify that requirement and propose an alternative solution on a separate document.      


The District’s desired timeline for purchase and installation is as follows:

  • May 9, 2022- School Board consideration of recommended bid proposal for approval
  • May 10, 2022- All bidders will be notified regarding the District’s decision
  • August 15, 2022- installation complete and Outdoor Aluminum Stadium Seating is ready for use by District spectators

All bidders are required to:

  1. Comment on the feasibility of this timeframe
  2. Propose any modifications deemed necessary to ensure a smooth, yet timely installation
  3. Propose a date-specific calendar of events for implementation
  4. Vendor responsibilities and District responsibilities to complete project


All bidders are required to include a list of after-market materials and hardware solutions for future upgrades/expansions to the Outdoor Aluminum Stadium Seating that are compatible with proposal.


Price is only one factor in the decision process; service, past experience with vendor, and references will also be determining factors. The district will award to the lowest responsible bidder.


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