Scope of Work BSD Ridge View Kitchen Fan

Last Updated: 9/15/2021 1:46 PM

Jay Bates
District Clerk

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Scope of Work Details:

Ridge View Elementary Kitchen is in need of having an exhaust fan replaced.  The current unit is Kees Inc. brand.  Model #KG Serial #9582.  The exhaust fan services the dishwasher booster which is gas fired.  Some controls/relays may need replacement also.


Maintenance Supervisor or Head Custodian will be available for a pre-bid walk through.



Estimated Job Cost: $


Ridge View
Project Lead/Contact Number: LeRoy @ 406-579-9416
Cost Proposals needed ASAP
Project Completion Deadline:
Project Name: Kitchen Exhaust Fan Replacement


Companies that have not worked for Belgrade School District 44 must provide a W9.  Quotes may be sent by email to   A purchase order number must be provided by BSD44 before commencement of any work.  For a walk through please contact LeRoy @ 406-579-9416