Scope of Work High School Pedestrian Gate Relocate

Last Updated: 6/11/2021 7:34 PM

Jay Bates
District Clerk

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Scope of Work Details:

Our District is in need of having a pedestrian gate moved. The gate can be reused, however there will be an addition of three poles and a small section of chain link to be installed and provided by the contractor.  Location will be behind the metal shop.


The project should be completed before the beginning of 20/21 school year.


Pre-bid walk throughs are available.


Estimated Job Cost: $


School Site
High School
Project Lead/Contact Number: Eric 406-302-1776
Cost Proposals needed ASAP
Project Deadline: Summer 2021
Project Name: High School Gate Move


Companies that have not worked for Belgrade School District 44 must provide a W9.  Quotes may be sent by email to   A purchase order number must be provided by BSD44 before commencement of any work.  For a walk through please contact Eric @ 406-302-1776