Scope of Scope of Work High School Sign Post Replacement

Last Updated: 6/11/2021 7:31 PM

Jay Bates
District Clerk

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Scope of Work Details:

Our district is in need of having eight sign posts installed in our High School parking lot. The posts will replace the existing damaged posts. The new posts should be yellow in color. The new posts should be flex style to prevent damage by snow plows.

The project should be completed before the beginning of 20/21 school year.


Pre-bid walk throughs are available.


Estimated Job Cost: $


School Site
High School 
Project Lead/Contact Number: Eric 406-302-1776
Cost Proposals needed ASAP
Project Deadline: Summer 2021
Project Name: High School Sign Post Replacement


Companies that have not worked for Belgrade School District 44 must provide a W9.  Quotes may be sent by email to   A purchase order number must be provided by BSD44 before commencement of any work.  For a walk through please contact Eric @ 406-302-1776