Substitute Handbook

Last Updated: 12/14/2021 9:28 PM

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Substitute Handbook

Just a reminder:

You should have received an email from Frontline.  The email will provide a link to activate your Frontline account.  The activation must be done first, so that you have your login credentials for using the website.   I suggest using your email address as your username. Please make note of the username you choose and password.  I can view your username, but not your password.  If you forget your password at any point, you can choose the "Forgot my Password" option.  An email will be sent to the email address you have on file with me.

The website dashboard are located on Frontlines website. The sub system will call you from a 1-800 phone number about available jobs. The number is 1-800-942-3767.  I recommend putting that number into your contact list.  You will be able to accept and deny jobs through that phone call. 

You will need to use the login credentials given in your new hire email for clocking in and out.  That will be your 10 digit phone number and a 4-5 digit PIN.  You are able to change your PIN through the website dashboard. 

You will clock in and out using a kiosk located at each building.  The secretary will be able to show you where it is when you arrive at the beginning of your shift.  You will use your 10 digit phone number and your 4 or 5 number PIN to do that (located above).   

***After you have worked your first substitute job, you will need to come to administration to fill out new hire paperwork.  You will need to bring a driver’s license and a social security card or birth certificate.  You could also bring a current passport, in lieu of everything else.  It is also recommended to bring a voided check.  

The Frontline app for cell phones is not available to subs at this time.  I will let you know when Frontline makes it available to substitutes.     

You will look at available jobs and submit your time on the Frontline dashboard through an internet browser.  You can do that on a computer or your phone.  You will use your email address or the username you chose when you created an account. You will need to submit your time every Sunday.

To submit your time, you will need to login to the Frontline dashboard.  On the top left there is a button that looks like this: 

Frontline's Absence Management purple button

You will need to click that and select Time & Attendance.

Frontlines Navigation showing Absence Management and Time/Attendance options

You page should look like this:

Frontline's dashboard showing options for Timesheet and Time Clock

You will need to click on Timesheet (highlighted in yellow in the picture).

Change the week to the previous one (highlighted in yellow in the image below).  It will automatically show you the current week.  

Frontlines secondary dashboard showing individual employee's time

Review your time for the week.  If there is an error, please contact your payroll clerk.  

A-L: Megan Sullivan
M-Z: Brittni Day

If there are no errors, you will then hit submit and be prompted to check it once again and enter your PIN.  Then you will be able to submit your time.  

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me!

Brittney Bateman
Administrative Secretary & K-8 Registrar
Belgrade Schools
406-388-0122 (Fax)


District Office Staff – Regular office hours are 8:00 - 4:30

PRIMARY CONTACT: Brittney Bateman 924-2492

  • Superintendent: Godfrey Saunders – 924-2026
    • Superintendent Assistant: Brittney Bateman – 924-2026
  • Director of Curriculum and Instruction: Mark Halgren – 924-2008
    • Curriculum Assistant: Kelsey Wilder – 924-2011
  • Director of Information Technology: Open Position – 924-2473
  • Director of Human Resources: John Blackman – 924-2025
  • Human Resources  Professional: Lois Lopez – 924- 2019
  • Director of Special Education: Deanna Frothingham – 924-2007
    • Special Education Secretary: Jan Fowler – 924-2491
  • Benefits: Gina Stopka – 924-2023
  • Payroll Supervisor: Lisa Church – 924-2033
  • Payroll Clerk (A-L): Megan Sullivan – 924-2495
  • Payroll Clerk (M-Z): Brittni Day – 924-2016

Key Building Contacts – Office Hours are 8:00 am - 4:00 pm unless otherwise posted at each location.

Ridge View Elementary 
  • Matheau Johnston, Principal – 924-2036
  • Jan Marx, Secretary – 924-2032
Saddle Peak Elementary  K-4 
  • Patrick Cates, Principal – 924-2701
  • Vickie Streich, Secretary – 924-2710
Story Creek Elementary K-4 
  • Lori Degenhart, Principal – 924-2792
  • April Ueland, Secretary – 924-2793
Belgrade Middle School 5-8
  • Julie Mickolio, Principal – 924-2258
    • Ruben Moreno, Asst. Principal – 924-2510
    • Dave Smith, Asst. Principal – 924-2274
  • Brittany Szudera, Secretary – 924-2207
  • Sarah Blodgett, Secretary – 924-2259
  • Melissa Dudley, Secretary – 924-2200
Belgrade High School 9-12
  • Shanna Smith, Principal – 924-2584
    • Bert Horsley, Asst. Principal – 924-2540
    • Tyler Miller, Asst. Principal – 924-2545
  • Roxie Smith, Attendance Secretary – 924-2543
  • Amanda Hook, Secretary – 924-2567


All applicants for substitute teaching must complete the following:

Human Resource Tasks

  1. Fingerprinting and successful completion of criminal background check must be completed prior to beginning work.
  2. Applicants who hold a current Montana Educator License need to provide this to Human Resources prior to beginning work. If this is not submitted with the application, it must be submitted before starting.
  3. Applicants who do not have a current Montana Educator License will be required to complete a self-guided Substitute Training Program. Completion of this training is required and must be completed prior to starting work.

Payroll Tasks

  1. Completion of W-4 form
  2. Completion of I-9 form
  3. Completion of Teachers’ Retirement System (T.R.S) or Public Employee Retirement System (PERS)
  4. Direct Deposit information

Information about the Leave/Substitution System, Frontline, will be sent directly to the applicant upon hire. This information can also be found on the School District Human Resources website.



The following prioritized order will generally be followed when arranging for Substitute teachers:

  1. First Called: Substitute teachers on a Preferred Teacher list.
  2. Second Called: Substitute teachers on a Preferred School list.
  3. Third Called: All other Substitute teaches.


Aborted Calls: It is important to answer the calls from Aesop and either decline or accept the jobs (these will appear as an 800-number on your caller ID). Aborted calls are those that either were not answered or were answered briefly and disconnected before responding.

Call Times/Non-work Days:  You may enter your schedule in the Aesop system to indicate call times when you are available and days or times when you know you will not be available. This will help reduce the number of missed or aborted calls.


  1. Arrive at the assigned building before 7:50 or at the time indicated in the Aesop request.
  2. Check in at the School Main office for a Substitute ID Badge.
  3. Clock in (ask secretary where kiosk is)
  4. Familiarize yourself with the classroom.
    • Location of the emergency box or backpack, which is usually near the door.
    • Lesson plans and Substitute Teacher Folder are typically located on the desk or in the desk drawer. Please follow lesson plans.
      • Schedule of planned activities for the day.
      • Roster or seating chart
      • Discipline procedures and discipline referral form.
      • Health/emergency information.
  5. Contact a neighboring teacher or office personnel with questions.
  6. At the end of the day, write a brief and thorough summary of your day for the teacher. Include any concerns you had or problems you encountered. You may email the notes/report or you may leave a hard copy at the front office for him/her. * Please ensure that the room is organized/arranged the way it was when you arrived.
  7. At 3:30 pm return your classroom key (if provided) and badge.
  8. IMPORTANT: Be sure to clock out at the end of the day so your pay can be processed.
  9. Please be on time (arriving early for preparation) for any accepted assignments. If you do not show up for a scheduled substitute shift and do not call in ahead of time to notify the school, you will be removed from the Substitute pool.


Certified  Non Certified
$140 for a full day   $110 for a full day
$75 for a half day $60 for a half day

The pay for a half day assignment is two-thirds of a full day. The enhanced half day rate is to compensate a teacher who travels to report for a reduced day of work and potentially misses a subsequent full-day substitute opportunity. A substitute teacher who works 2 half days in different district buildings on the same day should expect to earn $140 or $110 for a full day. You must clock in and out at the kiosk at your assigned location for each teaching assignment.

Substitute teachers are paid on the 10th of each month. Checks may be scheduled for Direct Deposit (preferred), picked up at the District Administration Office located at 312 N. Weaver prior to 4:00 pm on the 10th or they will be mailed.


Student Behavior – Teachers are expected to manage student behavior in their classrooms and as directed in common areas of the school. It is recognized that certain misbehavior may require the assistance of the Building Principal or Assistant Principal. Substitute teachers will need to complete a disciplinary referral when sending a student to the office. Never send a student to the office with verbal instructions. Students shall not be allowed in the classroom at noon, recess or after school unless adult supervision is present.

Student Discipline -  Do not discipline student, contact the school office if problems arise.


Tips for a Great Day

  • Provide a consistent structure for students.
  • Review the lesson plans and procedures prior to student arrival.
  • Greet the students at the door.
  • Demonstrate excitement and a positive attitude.
  • Give specific directions prior to transitions.
  • Move around the classroom during instruction and work time.
  • Provide frequent positive feedback to students.
  • Redirect with a question.
  • Use student names whenever possible.
  • Have additional tasks planed for students who finish work early.


Confidentiality – School employees possess knowledge of the school district’s operation that far exceeds the public’s knowledge. As such, you may be asked for information relating to an employee or student of the school district. It is the employee’s responsibility to refrain from divulging any information that is protected by the Constitution of Montana Article II, Section 10, Right of Privacy. 

Cell Phones and Classroom Phones – Personal and business calls shall only be made or received during your free period or lunch period. Personal calls should be made from cell phones when possible to avoid tying up phone lines. Students may use a classroom telephone for emergencies or to call a parent if needed. All students need to check out through the front office if parents are picking them up.

Emergency Drills – A copy of the exit map and fire/emergency drill procedures must be posted near the door of each room. Educators should be familiar with the primary and secondary routes of egress.

The following procedures should be followed:

  1. The teacher should be the last to exit the room.
  2. Educators are required to take their grade book, school keys, and emergency pack with them and take roll outside in their designated locations.
  3. Once you have arrived to your designated location, and you have confirmed all students are safely outside the building, hold up the appropriate colored sign to indicate the status of your class.

Teacher Dress Code -  All staff are expected to be neat, clean, and wearing appropriate work attire that is in good taste and is suitable for the job. No mode of attire will be considered proper if it distracts from or is disruptive to the learning environment of the school.

Reporting of Abused/Neglected Children – Any school teacher, other school official, or an employee working during regular school hours who knows or has reasonable cause to suspect, as a result of information they receive in their official capacity, that a child is abused or neglected, shall report the matter promptly to the Department of Public Health and Human Services. Reporting the concern to a counselor, administrator, or other school personnel does NOT satisfy the reporting requirement.

The State of Montana has created a toll-free child abuse hotline for facilitating the reporting of suspected child abuse or neglect.

Security Issues – The following rules apply to building security issues:

  1. Always check in when entering a school building.
  2. Always wear the Substitute ID badge provided by the main office.
  3. Each staff member is responsible for his/her school keys. Keep your keys secured at all times.
  4. Educators are not to leave students unattended in their classrooms.
  5. Student Aides must be supervised during the entire period. Any teacher or group, who wishes to make use of school facilities outside school hours, must obtain prior approval from the building Principal, Assistant Principal or Designee.
  6. Please report to the office any individuals you see on the school campus who do not have acceptable identification.

Equal Employment Opportunity and Non Discrimination

The District believes in Equal Employment Opportunity and providing a work and educational environment free from discrimination and harassment.

The District will provide equal employment opportunities to all persons, regardless of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, pregnancy, age, ancestry, marital status, military status, citizenship status, use of lawful products while not at work, physical or mental disability, if otherwise able to perform essential functions of a job with reasonable accommodations, and other legally protected categories. For more information, reference School Board Policy 5010.

The District will make reasonable accommodation for an individual with a disability known to the District, if the individual is otherwise qualified for the position, unless the accommodation would impose undue hardship on the District. For more information, reference School Board Policy 5010.

Workers’ Compensation – If you have an accident on the job, notify your supervisor immediately. You may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. More information and claim forms may be found at or contact Human Resources at or 924-2019.

Acknowledgement Page

It is expressly understood the policy and procedure handbook for the District does not constitute a guarantee of employment or promise of any kind. The District in its sole discretion, may relieve employees from their duties; determine and change hours of work, shifts, and methods of operation; establish change or abolish its policies, procedures, practices, rules and regulations. Violations of the policies, procedures, rules and regulations set forth in this handbook will result in the Substitute being removed from consideration with a recommendation of no rehire potential.

Specifically, I acknowledge I understand the following policies of the District:

  1. The District e-mail and Internet systems are owned by the District and are intended to be used for educational purposes only. While occasional personal use is allowed, employees should have no expectation of privacy when using the e-mail or Internet systems for any purpose.  Users of District e-mail and Internet systems are responsible for their appropriate use. All illegal and improper uses of the e-mail and Internet system, including but not limited to extreme network etiquette violations including mail that degrades or demeans other individuals, pornography, obscenity, harassment, solicitation, gambling, and violating copyright or intellectual property rights, are prohibited.  Abuse of the e-mail or Internet systems through excessive personal use, or use in violation of the law or District policies, will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.
  2. Confidentiality is expected in all aspects of employment. Employees will respect the confidentiality of people serviced in the course of the employee’s duties and use information gained in a responsible manner. The Board may discipline, up to and including termination, any employee who disclosed confidential and/or private information learned during the course of the employee’s duties.

By signing this statement, the employee acknowledges the Belgrade School District Substitute Teacher Handbook has been received and read and that the employee understands the policies and procedures contained herein

  • Signed
  • Date
  • Printed Name
  • Position
  • Effective Date of Employment

Human Resources: Employee has been given the Policies & Procedure handbook on this date _____________. Employee should review the handbook, ask questions or clarifications and return the acknowledgement sheet, with original signatures, within five (5) working days to the Human Resources Department directly or via the employee’s Immediate Supervisor. Copies of this page should be provided to the employee.

  • Signature
  • Date

Submit to Lois Lopez, Human Resources Professional at the Administration Office, located at 312 N. Weaver. Fax: 406-924-2988. Phone: 406-924-2019. Email: llopez@bsd44