Teacher Expectations for Schoolwide Remote Instruction

Last Updated: 11/5/2020 7:44 PM

Belgrade High School Teacher Expectations for Schoolwide Remote Instruction

Schoolwide Remote Instruction - During Class Hours

  • In-person teachers will be required to be in the building teaching from their classrooms.
  • Have a daily check-in time and procedure. This needs to include an aspect of the class period that is synchronous during your normal class time. 
  • The synchronous period will not have a required time limit but you will need to be available to students in that class during that class time. 
  • You can be available to students in the following ways, pick an option that works best for your situation:
    • Stay Live on Google Meet for the duration of the period
    • Google Chat
    • Email
    • Phone Call
  • Submit attendance in Infinite Campus following the daily check-in. 
  • Any testing that will occur in your class while remote must occur and be completed within the class period time frame, i.e. a 1st period test will be given and must be completed from 8:25-9:55.

Schoolwide Remote Instruction - Outside of Class Hours

  • Continue all traditional responsibilities
  • Update grades in Infinite Campus regularly
  • Make administration aware of any grade, attendance, or behavior concerns for Admin follow up

Additional Items:

  • Technology needs of students. Share the device checkout protocol with students.
  • Alert IT if software needs to be on a laptop for your respective class.
  • Any sick, discretionary, or personal leave will still need to be taken and put in Aesop.
  • On a day when you are “absent,” please instruct students in Google Classroom to complete the daily check-in or assignment, and so you can go back and check, upon your return, which students were accountable each period and day.