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Winter 2022

Parent/Participant Information Meeting

Instagram: @panther_nation_bhs

Please use your phone to take pictures of important information.

  • Wrestling
  • Cheer
  • Basketball
  • Swim

Eastern AA Conference

Toby Robinson

Director of Student Activities


  • Belgrade alumni
  • MSU Grad
  • 13 years in CA
  • 9th year at BHS

Sheila Biers

Administrative Assistant


  • Kansas Native
  • 6 years in the district
  • Children in BSD

Non-Public School Participants (Home School, Private Schools, ETC)

SB 157 (June 2021) Pursuant to SB 157, students in home or nonpublic schools may not be denied the ability to participate in extracurricular activities solely based on their enrollment in the students’ resident district. Home and nonpublic school students may ONLY participate in their resident district, and there is no ability for a home or nonpublic school student to “transfer” to another district for purposes of participation in extracurricular activities.

Once a student participates in any extracurricular activity in a particular school, that is the only school that student may participate at during the student’s high school activities career.

Please email us weekly grade checks every Wednesday. That is your responsibility as a non-public school participant. 

Belgrade Booster Club

President - Christy Aitchison 570-4027

Vice-President - Kim Garvert 600-7089

Membership - Kim Garvert and Shannon Morales -

Secretary - Tammy Reanier 580-1185

Treasurer - Jennifer McLaughlin 599-0501

Pro Shop - Tammi Reanier 580-1185

Next Meeting – September 12th @ 7:00 HS Commons

Monthly meetings-First Monday of every month-HS Commons-7:00pm

Members are always appreciated!

  • Panther Membership -  $40
  • Green Membership –  $100
  • Gold Membership -  $200
  • Corporate Membership
    • Platinum Membership - $500
      • Panther sticker, Specialized Booster Club Member hat and t-shirt, Booster Club Plaque, Family Pass, plus company logo and/or advertisement will be placed in the home game athletic programs
    • Platinum PLUS Membership - $1000
      •  Platinum Membership as stated above and a small sign (3’ x5’) for football field or special event center (Manufacturing fee waived-$85.00) 

Additional Sign Programs are available on the membership form and the  website,

Activity Passes

  • Student Passes  $25
  • Adult Passes  $45
  • Family Passes  $100
    • 2 adults + all school aged children

General Admission

  • $6.00 Adult
  • $4.00 Student/child

Important Dates:

  • November 19 - Cats Beat Griz
  • November 26 - Dragonfly Signup Deadline
  • November 28 - Tryout Begin
  • December 5 - Locker Decorations 5:30-7:00
  • December 8 - Spirit Night
  • December 9 - Competition Begins
  • January 19 - Wrestling/Swim Senior Night
  • February 21 - GBB/Cheer Senior Night
  • February 24 - BBB/PEP Band Senior Night

Spirit Night: Thursday, December 8th

  • Thursday, December 8th
    • 4:00 Swim Photos
    • 4:30 Wrestling Photos
    • 5:00 Eat Food - sponsored by our booster club.  Please be a member!
    • 6:00 All intros into the SEC
    • 6:45 GBB Scrimmage + Intros (Frosh/Soph) (JV Varsity) in the SEC
    • 7:45 BBB Scrimmage + Intros (Frosh/Soph) (JV Varsity) in the SEC
    Friday, December 9th
    • 4:00 Boys Basketball Photos
    • 4:45 Girls Basketball Photos
    • 5:30 Cheer Photos

Girls bring salads

Boys bring desserts

Pro shop will be open!

Come check out our new Panther swag and clothing in the Special Events Center Lobby.

Sports Physicals

Cannot participate without one.  Must be uploaded into Dragonfly before first day of tryouts.

Sports Medicine

Matt Hoskins: 8th year as Head Athletic Trainer


Medical Services Provided Free

  • Evaluations, Diagnosis
  • Preventative & Injury taping
  • On field/court/mat Injuries
  • Concussion Evaluations & Rehab
  • Therapeutic treatments
    • E-stim
    • Laser
    • US
    • Normatec
    • GameReady
    • Rapid Release
    • Deep Tissue Massages
  • Collaboration with Doctors
  • Collaboration with coaches & parents
  • MOST IMPORTANT: I listen to your child’s woes/psychiatrist/counselor…you name it, LOL 
Summary of Medicine 2021-2022
Month Hours Athletes Seen Fall Winter Spring
August 116.5 231 971 362 520
September 113.5 461      
October 102.5 279 Total: 1853
November 9.5 13 Time parents didn't take off work and students didn't miss school!
December 73 138      
January 92 122      
February 84 89      
March 115 206      
April 71 226      
May 103 88      
Total 900 1853      

Health Care in a School Setting

  1. Student-Athlete Centered Care
  2. Collaboration with other medical providers in community
  3. Open-Clear communication with Athlete, Parents & Coaches

Overseeing Provider - Alpine Orthopedics

Working Relationship with:

  • Lone Peak PT
  • Spine and Sports
  • MT Team Chiropractic
  • FreeStone Rehabilitation

Injuries of Emphasis

Exertional Heat Illnesses: Must have temp of 102 before I will let EMT transport.

  •   Cold Water Immersion, Tarp using the Taco Technique

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

  •   When an athlete collapses it looks like a seizure. I will not look over this, I will be applying the AED and if the AED detects a shockable situation I will proceed to shock and start CPR while my Administration will call 911


  •   I will assess athletes and make the call on RTP or if athlete is pulled out of athletic for a certain time.  Athlete will then be in concussion protocol.

Traumatic Brain Injury - Concussions

  • State Law :The Dylan Steigers Protection of Youth Athletes Act.
  • All supervisors working with K-12 students must complete NFHS Concussion  course.
  • ImPACT test all HS athletes 1 time a year – Prior to season or participation
  • Email Hoskins for at home ImPACT Test :
    • Tuesday 8/9 (11am-1pm)
    • Wed 8/10 (11am-1pm)
    • Thursday 8/11 (11am-1pm)
  • Must be symptom free and cleared by medical personnel.  
  • Pass ImPACT post concussion test.

Contact me for further information:

Matt Hoskins, MS, LAT, ATC
Belgrade High School
Sports Medicine and Strength Training

Help Wanted

Every Athletic Team should have a person who plays every position, never makes an error, and knows just what the opposition is planning...but so far there's been no way to get him to put down his popcorn and coke to come down out of the stands!


Head Coach: Tori Weatherson (5th Year)
Rachel Pewitt JV

Boys Basketball

Head Coach: Luke Powers (3rd Year)
Joe Rossman

James Martz

Elijah Barkell


Head Coach: Bryce Weatherston (3rd Year)

  • Jason Brown
  • Colton Currier
  • Derry McLane - Girls Coach


  • Randi Cunningham
  • Peter Schmidt


Head Coach: Caty Flikkema (2nd Year)

Girls Basketball

Head Coach: Erin Nolte (4th Year)

  • Jordan Mathews
  • Talon Taylor
  • Brent Atkinson
  • Cody Martinz


    • Daily and weekly events
    • Ability to print your own schedule
    • Receive notifications of upcoming events
    • Directions to location of contests
    • Dismissal/Departure times


  • If athlete will not be traveling home with the team
    • check out must be completed with coaches
      • parent must sign kids out using athletic department form
  • Participants may be released to travel with their parents/guardians only.
  • Behavior while traveling must meet expectations of school district and athletic department

Academic Eligibility

  • MHSA: Must have received 2 credits the previous semester (This is last Jan-June for you)
    • This means you had to pass 4 classes
    • Will be eligible again at end of current Sem. (Jan. 24) 
  • Must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 the previous  quarter
    • Individual programs may raise this standard
  • May not be failing any class during their season
    • Competition may be withheld
Semester Grades
Toby Robinson Semester Credit
English D .5
Physical Education F 0
Art F 0
History D .5
Math D .5
Science D .5
Choir F 0
Credits Received  


Weekly Grade Checks (First Check on Wednesday 3/23)

  • Begin two weeks into the start of each grading period.
    • First week a student/athlete is on the list they are  placed “on notice”.
  • Second week in a row they appear on the list they are  ineligible for any activity/competition for the next  week!

Weekly “F-List”  Ineligibility

  • Lists are printed for coaches on Wednesday's!
  • Eligibility runs Wednesday - Tuesday
  • Weekly Ineligibility List 9/18
    • John Doe (English) on Notice
    • Nazo Smart (English, History) on Notice
  • Weekly Ineligibility List 9/25
    • John Doe (Art) ineligible
    • Jane Smith (History) on Notice
    • Nazo Smart (Math, Sci, Hist) ineligible
  • Weekly Ineligibility List 10/2
    • John Doe (English) ineligible
    • Nazo Smart (PE) ineligible



  • Click “Log In/Sign Up”
  • School: “Belgrade High/VKEP38”
  • Join
  • Set Up Children
  • Download the DragonFly MAX app from either
    • Google Play
    • App Store
  • "Get Started"
  • Sign Up for Free
  • Follow Prompts to Set Up Children

All participation Forms  completed in Dragonfly


Deadline for Fall Forms– Saturday, November 26, 2022

Participation Fee Required

  • All students participating in high school athletics will be  required to pay an activities fee. The money raised from this  fee helps with the financial support of the activity that the  student benefits from, though it pays for only a small portion  of the actual expense of the activity.  Pay in Dragonfly or  activities office.
    • $65.00/child per activity/Sport.
    • $35/year for Band/Choir- no physical
    • $35 for managers/activity- no physical
  • (Fees for Activities with tryouts will be collected after tryouts!)


  • Medical insurance must be provided in  order for the students to participate.  Upload on Dragonfly
  • No insurance?
    • There is a liability release form you  must complete. (in Dragonfly)

K-12 Student Accident Insurance  Enroll Online

Worried about paying for your child's medical care if an accident should  happen? K&K's student accident insurance can help.

K-12 Accident Plans available through your school:

  • At-School Accident Only
  • 24-Hour Accident Only
  • Extended Dental
  • Football

How to Enroll Online Enrolling online is easy and should take only a few  minutes. Go to and click the "Enroll Now"  button.

Chain of Command

Parents and players must follow the chain of command AFTER 24 hours has passed for complaints and issues.

  • Always wait 24 hours before talking with the  person.
  • If you have a concern, please do not talk to them on the field, pitch, course or court after a  contest.
    • We believe in our  coaches and expect  them to be professional  in all aspects of their  duties.

Parents Code of Conduct

  1. Model good sportsmanship for your child with your interactions with all involved.
    • Avoid conflicts
  2. Criticism of referees/officials. calling
    • Very low pool. Varsity has MOA, subvarsity may not.
  3. Let coaches coach. Do not coach from bleachers! Confusing and frustrating.
  4. 24 hour rule
  5. Keep negative toxicity away. 

Concessions Help

Concessions would like to ask each level, for each activity,  to choose a night to work in the concessions area. You may  schedule directly with Ms. Finkbeiner!  579-8403

You can organize yourselves for any other special activities  that evening, you may want to raise money for your group.

This will help the concessions immensely for having the  help they need for each contest.

  • If you know someone, or need to review this  information, who has missed this presentation they can view the powerpoint by going to the  District webpage:

  • You will need to sign off that you have viewed  this presentation on Dragonfly.

Breakoff Session w/Coaches

  • Boys Basketball - SEC
  • Girls Basketball - GLG
  • Wrestling - Commons
  • Swim - FFA Room