Belgrade Middle School Parent/Participant Information Meeting

Last Updated: 8/26/2022 6:56 PM

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Fall 2022 Belgrade Middle School Parent/Participant Information Meeting


Belgrade Middle School

  • Koby Ruff
    • Director of Student Activities
  • Sarah Blodgett
    • Administrative Assistant
    • 924-2259

Community Health Partners

  • Tey Silva
  • Buck Taylor

COVID-19 Instructions

  • MHSA will continue to set guidelines for each activity.
  • These guidelines could change as the season progresses.
  • No Masks on Buses.
  • Some schools we play will require masks to enter buildings (Athletes/Coaches/Spectators).

Traumatic Brain Injury - Concussions

  • State Law :The Dylan Steigers Protection of Youth Athletes Act. 
  • All supervisors working with K-12 students must complete NFHS Concussion course.
  • “When in doubt –sit them out!” Must be symptom free and cleared by medical personnel.
  • Ease back into participation.

Cross Country

  • Coach Lacey Kutylo
  • Coach Joey Roberts
  • 1st Practice August 29th, 3:45PM - 5:15PM


  • Coach Arthun
  • Coach Grom
  • Coach Taylor
  • Coach Holgate
  • Coach Harlen
  • Coach Dedman 
    • August 29th - 7th/8th Grade Equipment Handout 
    • August 30th - First on Field Practice


  • Coach D. Fowler
  • Coach Stulc
  • Coach Batey
  • Coach Lonergan
  • Coach Hancock
  • Coach S. Fowler
  • Coach Forsythe
  • Coach Harmon
  • Coach Fellows
  • Coach Mooney
    • 1st Practice August 29th
      • 8th Grade 3:45PM - 5:15PM
      • 7th Grade 5:15PM - 6:30PM

Middle School Athletic Schedules

Will be updated regularly on 

If there is a change it will be updated on the website. Coaches will also be informing athletes of any changes.


  • At this time our transportation plans are as usual except appropriate social distancing should be practiced.
  • At this time face coverings must be worn while traveling on the bus
  • If athlete will not be traveling home with the team – check out must be completed with coaches – parent must sign kids out using athletic department form
  • Participants may be released to travel with their parents/guardians only.
  • Behavior while traveling must meet expectations of school district and the activities department

Academic Eligibility

  • Academics
    • Eligibility for extracurricular activities will be determined based on minor and major behaviors. On the Wednesday before a game or event, the list of minor and major behavior referrals will be pulled for student participants. Three minor behaviors or one major behavior infraction within the week will result in a student being on probation for the following week. Staff will inform the student-athlete and ask them to contact parents. During the probationary week, the coach/advisor will meet with the student to reinforce expectations and the student may not receive any further behavior referrals (minor or major) in order to remain eligible for the next game/event. Ineligible students are still expected to attend and participate in practices. They are allowed to attend home events, but not to dress out or participate. They are not allowed to travel with the team.

Get Started With Dragonfly

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  1. Link to begin 
  2. Click “Log In/Sign Up”
  3. School: Belgrade Middle School/3PSHZE
  4. Join
  5. Set Up Children

Option 2: APP

  1. Download the Dragonfly MAX App from either
    • Google Play
    • App Store
  2. “Get Started”
  3. Sign Up for Free
  4. Follow Prompts to Set Up Children

Participation Forms

All Required Documents and Payment Must be Complete in Order to Compete

  • Both Sports Health Form must be completed and athlete’s physical must be uploaded (both sides)
  • Must be approved on a team before you can make payment.  If you have submitted everything and can’t make payment please send Sarah Blodgett a quick email and let her know at 
  • Make sure you are on 22-23 year 
  • 7/8th under 7/8th   6th = A

Participation Fee Required

  • All students participating in middle school activities will be required to pay an activities fee. The money raised from this fee helps with the financial support of the activity that the student benefits from, though it pays for only a small portion of the actual expense of the activity.  All fees must be paid through Dragonfly.
  • The amount is:
    • $55.00 for 7/8 Activities
    • $25.00 for 5/6 Activities
    • Exceptions: 5th & 6th graders in wrestling and/or cross country pay $55.00
  • Scholarships are available:
    • Fill out Scholarship Form on Dragonfly

Supplementary Insurance

  • No insurance?
    • Contact Sarah Blodgett you want information

K-12 Student Accident Insurance Enroll Online

Worried about paying for your child's medical care if an accident should happen? K&K's student accident insurance can help. 

K-12 Accident Plans available through your school: 

  • At-School Accident Only 
  • 24-Hour Accident Only 
  • Extended Dental 
  • Football 

How to Enroll Online Enrolling online is easy and should take only a few minutes. Go to and click the "Enroll Now" button

Chain of Command

  1. Complaint/Issue
  2. Wait 24 hours
  3. Head Coach (asst. Coach if necessary)
  4. Athletic Director
  5. Principal
  6. Superintendent

Parents and players must follow the chain of command AFTER 24 hours has passed for complaints and issues.

  • Please address any concerns with the person you have a concern with first. If you feel uncomfortable with that, talk with their superior and arrange a conference with all parties involved.
  • Always wait 24 hours before talking with the person. 
  • Please do not talk to them on the field, pitch, course or court after a contest.
  • We believe in our coaches and expect them to be professional in all aspects of their duties.

BMS Student-Athletes

  • Strive for Academic Success
  • Attend School, Practices and Competitions
  • Encourage and Support their Teammates
  • Represent Belgrade as a Class Act Away and at Home

BMS Parents

  • Be positive and encouraging to your student-athlete, team and coach.
  • Help your student-athlete get plenty of sleep.
  • Provide a snack for your student-athlete to have before practice and competitions.
  • Pick up student-athlete promptly from practices and following competitions.  Coaches do have additional commitments.

Parent Seat

Short Video Regarding Parents Behaviors at Contests

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