How to Acquire a Band Instrument

Last Updated: 3/4/2022 6:51 PM

Acquiring an Instrument for Band class can be challenging, especially when everything is brand new! Please allow me to offer these suggestions for renting or purchasing a band instrument.

  1. Please do NOT purchase an instrument from anywhere that sells food.  Regardless of location, if they sell food they are not focused on providing your child with a quality instrument.  This also includes resales.  If you find a "good" listing online, please ask Mr. Binder.  Purchasing an "online special" or ISO (Instrument Shaped Object) for your child often results in an unplayable instrument that literally falls apart.  Learning to play an instrument is not easy, and your child's first year will be the one that determines if they will keep playing or quit.  Please help them to be set up for success!
  2. Please ask for help before spending money.  Mr. Binder  is here to help, she wants to help your child choose an instrument that will be good for them. 
  3. Use our local experts at Eckroth Music to help you. We are very fortunate to have this wonderful music store right here in town.  Please consider using this resource for your instrument, whether you are planning to rent or buy.
  4. If you have ANY problems acquiring an instrument, please contact Mr. Binder.  There are some instruments available for students with a need.