Belgrade Music

Last Updated: 3/4/2022 6:54 PM


Band is a super fun class where we play woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments.


In Choir we use our voices to make music.  We carry our instruments with us everywhere we go!


Orchestra is made up of all the string instruments.  We have lots of fun learning to play our instruments.  Belgrade ROCKS!

Meet our Teachers!


Orchestra Teacher holding a violin

Mrs. Stone - Orchestra

Mrs. Stone is our amazing Orchestra teacher ... in case you didn't know ... She ROCKS!  Some students actually call her Mrs. ROCK!  Mrs. Stone is a product of public school music programs, and started as a 6th grader playing viola.  She now plays violin, a 7-string fretted electric violin ... called a Viper (we told you, she rocks), cello, and bass.  

Mrs. Stone plays regularly with the Bozeman Symphony, as well as with her string quartet, Big Sky Strings.  

Mrs. Stone has an amazing husband (Chris), 4 awesome kids (Reece, Isaiah, Deryk, and Rachel), 2 dogs (Gideon and Crosby), a cat (Alice), and 2 birds (Virginia and Montana).  While she might be busy, her students are a priority and her whole family helps when needed.  Keep an eye out ... you'll see them at various concerts and events.

Mr. Binder - Band

Mr. Binder is our band teacher here at Belgrade Middle School! Mr. Binder started out as a trumpet player in 5th grade, but eventually switched to playing both bass trombone and percussion in high school. He is also an accomplished guitar and bass guitar player! Contrary to popular belief, he does not actually play every single instrument; it just seems like it!

Mr. Binder moved to Bozeman in 2012 to attend Montana State University. He participated in the Spirit of the West Marching Band, Percussion Ensemble, Wind Symphony, and University Chorus while attending MSU. You can also see him playing with his rock bands at events like Rockin' The Rivers and other gigs around the area. 

Mr. Binder lives and breathes music every single day!

Band Teacher holding a bass trombone

Mrs. Jallings - Choir

Mrs. Jallings is our lovely 5th Grade Choir teacher.  She loves making music, and helping students to develop their musical gifts and achieve their endeavors.  She loves to sing and also teaches the "Drums, Keyboards, Guitars" class.