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Holly Vauter  0:00  
Hello Middle School parents, this is Holly Vauter. And I am going to give you a tutorial on how to sign your athletes up through dragon fly. So first, you're going to go to dragon fly max.com. And once the page loads, you're going to come over here to where it says login and sign up. Then you're going to come down to sign up for free. And you're going to enter your information. So I'm going to try and use one that I haven't

Holly Vauter  0:38  
used before.

Holly Vauter  0:41  
show you're not a robot.

Holly Vauter  0:44  
And also, it's very important to make sure that you are entering your name,

Holly Vauter  0:48  
not your athlete's name.

Holly Vauter  0:52  

Holly Vauter  0:58  
Let's see. Okay,

Holly Vauter  1:12  
so you will be sent a verification code from

Holly Vauter  1:17  
dragon fly max

Holly Vauter  1:21  
to whatever email address it is that you used.

Holly Vauter  1:32  
And then you're going to click Submit,

Holly Vauter  1:36  
you're going to want to read through this

Holly Vauter  1:45  
all the way.

Holly Vauter  1:48  
And then you're going to accept

Holly Vauter  1:55  
now we're going to look

Holly Vauter  1:56  
for our school. So we are parents.

Holly Vauter  2:08  
And we want to add parent,

Holly Vauter  2:11  
you're gonna find Montana.

Holly Vauter  2:15  
And then start typing

Holly Vauter  2:20  
upgrade. And here you'll see us Belgrade Middle School, select Belgrade Middle School, and then join Belgrade Middle School.

Holly Vauter  2:32  
And then we're going to save our information.

Holly Vauter  2:37  
So now we are going to go and add a child.

Holly Vauter  2:39  
So for this example, my child's name is going to be cast kesterson.

Holly Vauter  2:55  
And we're going to click what state they're participating in. So Montana,

Holly Vauter  3:02  
and again, what school

Holly Vauter  3:08  
select the middle school

Holly Vauter  3:10  
and join Belgrade Middle School.

Holly Vauter  3:13  
Now you're going to select

Holly Vauter  3:14  
which sport your child is going to be participating in. As women's basketball, girls basketball is the next one. I'm going to select

Holly Vauter  3:26  
women's basketball.

Holly Vauter  3:30  
So now you're going to see your students name that you're associated with the Belgrade Middle School, that they are an athlete, and that they want what sports they want to play. So in this example, it's women's basketball, and you're going to hit

Holly Vauter  3:46  

Holly Vauter  3:48  
So now you'll see

Holly Vauter  3:51  
that we are zero percent complete in what we need to do. So we want to submit our paperwork. Everything that you previously would have gotten in a paper packet is now going to be uploaded into dragon fly. So we're going to come down here, and we're gonna select Get Started. This is everything that we are going to need from you in order for your child to be able to play sports with the Belgrade Middle School.

Holly Vauter  4:29  
You click Start,

Holly Vauter  4:31  
and then you fill in all of their information.

Holly Vauter  4:50  
And I'm going to go ahead and go through this and make up a profile

Holly Vauter  5:02  
Excuse me,

Holly Vauter  5:04  
well say

Holly Vauter  5:08  
2025, that sounds good.

Holly Vauter  5:13  
And everything that is in red, you will have to figure out, you will have to enter.

Holly Vauter  5:24  
Let's choose.

Holly Vauter  5:33  
And then we are going to use.

Holly Vauter  5:59  
And then up here, you are going to enter.

Holly Vauter  6:04  
If you have insurance companies

Holly Vauter  6:08  
what they are, and there are two places that you are going to enter this information, you're going to enter it here, or you're going to select no medical insurance, you're going to enter all of

Holly Vauter  6:20  
this information here.

Holly Vauter  6:26  
And you should have their current immunizations. If you do, you can upload them here. In which case, you just take a picture if you're doing this on your

Holly Vauter  6:39  

Holly Vauter  6:41  

Holly Vauter  6:43  
you upload it from your documents if you're doing it through your computer.

Holly Vauter  6:54  
So we're gonna select done for this point right now.

Holly Vauter  6:59  
Oh, now I did, what a lot of parents have had issues with, you saw me fill out all that information. But before I left, I did not click

Holly Vauter  7:13  
save and finish later.

Holly Vauter  7:16  
So now all of the information that I had uploaded in here, is not saved. So please make sure if you have to walk away for any reason, while you're setting this up, please make sure that you come up here, and you collect, save and finish later.

Holly Vauter  7:34  
So we're going to have to go back in,

Holly Vauter  7:37  
see what's happening here.

Holly Vauter  7:42  
And then

Holly Vauter  7:46  
we're gonna hit done, we're not going to go through all that for him.

Holly Vauter  7:54  
So this is the informed consent and insurance verification, and where you're going to fill it out electronically.

Holly Vauter  8:09  
We're going to say that we have no medical insurance.

Holly Vauter  8:15  

Holly Vauter  8:18  
And please fill these out to the best of your knowledge.

Holly Vauter  8:32  
And if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Mr. Smith

Holly Vauter  8:39  
or myself.

Holly Vauter  8:42  
And we can help walk you through how to set this up. Once you do have this set up, you are actually good for all of the sports that your child wants

Holly Vauter  8:55  
to play.

Holly Vauter  8:57  
The only thing that you will have to do

Holly Vauter  9:01  
is update which sport your child wants to play. And please pay attention to these I'm just gonna select them all as No. So that we can continue on.

Holly Vauter  9:25  
And now we're going to select that.

Holly Vauter  9:29  
And you will see now that we're done, this is green,

Holly Vauter  9:32  
and this has updated to 10%.

Holly Vauter  9:37  
So now we're going to go on to the informed consent and insurance verification. And we're going to fill that out electronically.

Holly Vauter  9:45  
So you're going to read through here

Holly Vauter  9:48  
and this form basically says

Holly Vauter  9:53  
excuse me, that you give your child to participate and If there is an emergency, you allow them to be treated. So you say yes or no, whether or not you have insurance, we're just going to say no, you will type in your insurance company name, and your insurance company policy.

Holly Vauter  10:22  
And then you are going to choose

Holly Vauter  10:28  
to say no again.

Holly Vauter  10:32  
And then your student will have to type their signature here.

Holly Vauter  10:38  
Oh, for me,

Holly Vauter  10:41  
it's TEST TEST person.

Holly Vauter  10:42  
And then you want to date it.

Holly Vauter  10:55  
And then you want to make sure that you sign and data.

Holly Vauter  11:01  
And then you're going to sign and complete,

Holly Vauter  11:04  
you'll get your checkmark

Holly Vauter  11:07  
excuse me,

Holly Vauter  11:09  
and then you'll be able to move on.

Holly Vauter  11:12  
We're gonna just continue chemical use policy.

Holly Vauter  11:18  
This form states that it is not okay to use chemicals of any type while participating in a sport.

Holly Vauter  11:29  
So you are going to sign this

Holly Vauter  11:34  
and data.

Holly Vauter  11:39  
And then your athlete will have to acknowledge this as well.

Holly Vauter  11:47  
And rate it.

Holly Vauter  11:54  
Again, you'll get your checkmark and you'll move back on.

Holly Vauter  11:59  
You'll see we're now 30% complete.

Holly Vauter  12:04  
And then we're going to move on to the medical treatment release for again, you're going to read what it says. So this form gives Belgrade Middle School permission to treat your child if there is an emergency.

Holly Vauter  12:23  
So you will type in

Holly Vauter  12:28  
your student's name.

Holly Vauter  12:32  
And then you will sign up.

Holly Vauter  12:40  
Enter your address

Holly Vauter  12:53  
your state

Holly Vauter  13:13  
and then you're going to want the name of the contract or excuse me contact

Holly Vauter  13:38  
in this section here.

Holly Vauter  13:41  
If they do not have

Holly Vauter  13:42  
anything, you can just enter in a

Holly Vauter  13:47  
there are a lot of boxes that are required. So for example, this box here you need to either enter in a medical problem that they have or select an A.

Holly Vauter  14:06  
Here Mr. Smith has created a PowerPoint for all athletes to watch. When you are finished watching that PowerPoint, you will be able to fill out the PowerPoint sign off, which just basically says that you have viewed the middle Middle School

Holly Vauter  14:25  
information meeting.

Holly Vauter  14:28  
And you are going to type in

Holly Vauter  14:32  
this information again,

Holly Vauter  14:35  
and then type in which sporters they're in.

Holly Vauter  14:43  
And then you want to enter your name

Holly Vauter  14:47  
and your signature.

Holly Vauter  14:52  
There is a lot of great information in that PowerPoint that Mr. Smith has and I definitely recommend following the links that he has in there as well. Here is the concussion information sheet. Again,

Holly Vauter  15:09  
we're going to fill out electronically.

Holly Vauter  15:13  
And you are going to fill out all of this information. Basically, these are the rules about a concussion that you and your students should know.

Holly Vauter  15:35  
We want you to check this once you have read the student athlete and parent legal guardian concussion information sheet, which is this information here, and this information down here. So you want to make sure all of these are filled out.

Holly Vauter  16:14  
Please note that if your child

Holly Vauter  16:17  
does end up having a concussion or concussion symptoms, they will need a note from the doctor in order to

Holly Vauter  16:29  
come back and participate.

Holly Vauter  16:41  
Then we're going to sign in complete.

Holly Vauter  16:50  
So here is

Holly Vauter  16:52  
the concussion information that you need.

Holly Vauter  17:08  
And then you're going to click here and it will open up

Holly Vauter  17:12  
a new browser tab.

Holly Vauter  17:17  
And basically all of these questions here, we just answered in the other page.

Holly Vauter  17:42  
We're gonna close that.

Holly Vauter  17:46  
Yes, we read it.

Holly Vauter  17:51  
And then this is

Holly Vauter  17:59  
another version Have you acknowledge

Holly Vauter  18:06  
about concussions,

Holly Vauter  18:24  
you'll come down here.

Holly Vauter  18:29  
Sign in both of you.

Holly Vauter  18:34  
And then finally complete.

Holly Vauter  18:42  
This part here

Holly Vauter  18:46  
is the pre participation physical. So what we want in this spot, you're going to upload a picture of your child's physical in the event that your child played fall sports, their physical is already uploaded in dragon fly, it is still able to be used. If your student has not played fall sports, they will need an up to date physical that has been dated after May

Holly Vauter  19:24  
of 2020.

Holly Vauter  19:26  
They will not be able to participate without their physical.

Holly Vauter  19:31  
So what we're going to do here is we

Holly Vauter  19:33  

Holly Vauter  19:36  
Excuse me, I'm going to go back in there. So we're going to

Holly Vauter  19:39  
upload the document.

Holly Vauter  19:40  
We're going to choose a file. It's going to bring up a whole bunch of information here.

Holly Vauter  19:53  

Holly Vauter  19:55  
not sure where

Holly Vauter  19:58  
let's see. I'm just going to Choose a picture, here

Holly Vauter  20:06  
we go.

Holly Vauter  20:10  
So when you are uploading it, this part of your physical, the one that has all of the checkboxes on it, this is actually the pre participation physical. So you want to upload that picture

Holly Vauter  20:32  
on the back of the physical.

Holly Vauter  20:36  
Oh, excuse me, before we go on, I want to explain what this is here. This part right here, the pending approval is where myself and the coaches will go into dragon fly from our side and make sure that you have all of the information that you need. So we will make sure that all of the boxes are filled out that there's nothing stating that your child should not play and that you have the correct documents.

Holly Vauter  21:06  
So now we're going to upload the physical.

Holly Vauter  21:12  
I am going to select this again. The back of your physical is where you upload into the MH s A provider's physical examination form. And that's going to be the back where they filled out there's the doctor stamp, the doctor's signature. And then it is also important that we have your signature and information down here at the bottom of the physical. This is all information that we need in order for your athlete to play.

Holly Vauter  21:53  
And then you're going to select

Holly Vauter  21:54  
the day that you uploaded this. Actually, I believe I may have given the wrong information there. I believe this is the day of that you had your physical done. So I guess I'm sorry for that misinformation.

Holly Vauter  22:22  
So again, it's going to say pending approval, until we go in to the other side and pay or excuse me and approve it. So then you'll click review and pay right here tells you it is $50 for your child sport, there is a $4 and 20 cent fee. And then you're going to pay here. So you can enter your credit card information.

Holly Vauter  22:52  
And then you'll click pay.

Holly Vauter  22:55  
I'm not going to pay right now for test testers. So again, at this point, if you get here, and you just click out, you will lose all of your information and we will not be able to see it. So please make sure you save and finish later.

Holly Vauter  23:24  
So you'll see that we're 70% you'll see our contact information. If you uploaded insurance cards, they will be shared here. You can add or change sports. So if your child played fall sports, this is where you're going to click to add more sports for them as they want to play.

Holly Vauter  23:47  
You also

Holly Vauter  23:52  
will be able to keep track of the days that your child has the sports. We will be adding

Holly Vauter  24:04  
our calendars in here.

Holly Vauter  24:11  
I don't think I have any saved in here right now. So I can't give you an example. But when we post the schedule, it will show all of the events that are scheduled for your child's sport. So if you have any questions, please make sure

Holly Vauter  24:38  
and give us a call.

Holly Vauter  24:41  
Thanks and have a great day.

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