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Meet at the Middle January Newsletter 2021

Meet at the Middle - Connecting Parents, Teachers, and Students

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  We hope this new year is filled with love and laughter!  The changing of the year also signals the approach of semester end.  Elective classes will be changing at the semester, so it is important that any incomplete work be finished before January 22nd.  Please encourage your children to stay on top of their schoolwork.  The New Year also brings frigid weather so make sure your child is dressing appropriately!     

Important Dates

  • JAN 1ST - HAPPY NEW YEAR!  No School

  • JAN 4TH & 5TH - FIRST BOY’S BASKETBALL PRACTICE. 3:30-5:15(8TH) 5:15-6:30(7TH)

  • JAN 13TH & 14TH - 7th & 8th GRADE DRAMA EDITIONS



Attention Parents

A BIG thank you to everyone who helped out with the Tree of Giving!  Your generosity helped out over 30 families, and made their holiday brighter!

Remote Learners:

  • If Students do not respond or fulfill their academic expectations remotely, they will be asked  to return to in person learning if no improved progress is demonstrated.  A well home check may also be initiated.

  • If your student will not be logging into perform homework due to illness or appointments, please call the attendance line at 924-2297 to make the teachers aware of your student’s absence. 

  • Communicate academic concerns with remote learning instructor(s) as needed. 

Yearbook - The yearbook is looking for one or two candid shots of your kiddo.  If you would like to share pictures of your child in the yearbook, please email one or two shots to msyearbook@bsd44.org.

Drama for 7th & 8th grade will begin after Winter Break.

7th and 8th Drama will be performing the production "Zeus on the Loose." An introductory meeting and auditions will be held Wednesday, January 13th and Thursday the 14th at 3:45. Casting results will be posted the next day, Friday. We will then begin practice on Tuesday, January 19th at 3:45 to 5 pm and go until the first week of March.  Practices will not take place on Fridays due to early release. We will perform the play twice during the first week of March. The exact dates will be determined soon. If you have any questions please let me know!   Coach Steed

Please remember to send your child with a water bottle.

News from the Nurse

I will be out on maternity leave soon. We have two wonderful nurses that will sub for me in my absence, both have worked as school nurses in the Belgrade School District before. Connie Bengtson will be here Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and Kelli Robinson will be here Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. You can still call my office number at 406-924-2211 to reach one of them. 

Attention 7th grade parents: TDAP vaccine (or a vaccine waiver) is due for all 7th graders ASAP. If your child has not received this vaccine, please schedule it as soon as possible, and turn the paperwork into the front office (or a medical or religious waiver in its place). 

Thank you, 

Logan R McDowell, BSN, RN 

Counseling Corner

What Is Cyberbullying?  People using their words or pictures to bully others. They send e-mails, pictures, text, voice or Instant Messages (IM) to embarrass, humiliate, threaten or intimidate people.

What Do Cyberbullies Do?  Cyberbullies post mean messages or pictures on websites/social media.  They act tough and/or threaten others in their messages.  They intentionally exclude someone from an online group, and they spread rumors by posting rumors or false information.

Warning Signs That Your Child May Be a Victim Of Cyberbullying:  If your child suddenly stops using the computer or electronics with access to social media or appear nervous or jumpy when they get a message.  If they become withdrawn from friends and family, or loses interest in school work or begins to do poorly in school.  If they appear sad, moody, angry, depressed, or uneasy about going to school or outside.

What Should I Do If My Child Is Being Cyberbullied?  Tell your child it’s okay to tell a trusted adult if bullying is happening.   Ask to see the messages or pictures being posted.  Don’t delete the messages. They may be needed to take action.  Tell your child not to respond to messages from bullies. Let the school administration know about the bullying.  If your child is being bullied in chats or IM, help your child block the bully.   Contact the website or cell phone provider if you have problems stopping the harassment.

Communication/Attendance Line 924-2297

School Administration Principal: Julie Mickolio Ph: 924- 2258

5/6th Vice Principal: Ruben Moreno Ph: 924-2510

7/8th Vice Principal/Athl. Director.: Dave Smith Ph: 924-2274

Secretaries: Holly Vauter 924-2207, Tana Freeman 924-2259, Lacey Simon 924-2200

Nurse: Logan McDowell 924-2211


Counselors Rich Needham 5th grade 924-2245 rneedham@bsd44.org

Carey Moline 6th grade 924-2248 cmoline@bsd44.org

Sara Hickok 7th grade 924-2283  shickok@bsd44.org

Emily Morani 8th grade 924-2286 emorani@bsd44.org

Infinite Campus

The Belgrade School District uses an online system to track assignments, grades, attendance, and to communicate with parents. It is extremely important that you visit this website through bsd44.org, OR download the CAMPUS PORTAL App! This app is a great tool for parents and creates quick and easy access to information from the school. Please take a moment to verify your Infinite Campus Login is working. If you do not already have your Infinite Campus account set up, please email the help desk at: helpdesk@bsd44.org.

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