Changes during the summer for Technology

Changes during the summer for Technology

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Getting help:

Email or call phone extension 2490. These contact methods are always monitored and are the fastest way to get help. Our staff is often in the field so calling or emailing them directly can delay resolution of your issue. Note that we cannot give out passwords over the phone unless you are calling from your school’s office with confirmation of your identity by your school secretary or principal.


We have a new system that allows staff to control the printers they connect to. When you login all the printers you were connected to will be gone.

View instructions on Adding Printers on Windows. (You will need to be signed into your School Google account to view.)


The system that was installed in Saddle Peak and Middle School last year has been extended to all other buildings. Guest and student access is not available due to security and compliance concerns. Because this system relies on the password you use to login to district computers, do not give out your password to anyone. Substitute teachers all have their own accounts and can talk with the school secretaries to get access to them.

If the device is a student device and is not connected, contact the helpdesk.

If you are staff and have already connected to the new wifi before (only available last year at Saddle Peak and the Middle School) and your device did not connect automatically, choose BSD-Secure.

If you have not connected before choose Belgradeschools WiFi broadcast, then open your web browser and go to:

Choose Authorized User and enter the username and password that you use to log into your computer every day.

For a Windows, Android, or iOS device you will be directed to download an app which will setup the connection and switch you to the BSD-Secure wireless SSID.

If you are using a Chromebook, you will get a page with instructions to install the certificate. If you get no error messages, connect to BSD-Secure. If you get a window with a list of settings, leave all the fields as they are and click Connect.

Contact Information:

You can update your contact information in Infinite Campus via the My Data link in Infinite Campus, which is found under the Census menu option.

IC Menu

Copy house orders:
You can now submit printing orders to our copy house via the form in Infinite Campus. You can find the link in your Infinite Campus menu. IC Menu
Google single-sign on:
This change has not yet been implemented, but is scheduled to go live in late September. More information will be emailed to you prior to the change so please watch for that. It will change how you login to your Google account, including email.
Office 365 and OneDrive:

We have begun a de-duplication initiative that will bring everyone fully into the Google environment. You will have until October 1st to make sure that your OneDrive files, OneNote content and Teams content have been moved into your Google Drive at which point we will be removing everyone’s access to Office 365. You will retain access to local copies of Microsoft Office on teacher computers. Students no longer have access to any part of the Microsoft Office suite. All students from Kindergarten up do have Google accounts.

To move your One Drive files to Google Drive:

1.) Open file explorer – the icon you need looks like a manila file folder.

2.) In the left menu, look for One Drive – Belgrade 44. Check that all the folders and files have green checkmarks to indicate that they have synchronized with the cloud. If any show red X icons, open your browser ad go to Your username is your older, email address and the password is the one you use to login to district computers. Select the link for OneDrive and locate the problematic file, right-click on it and choose download. This will place the file in your Downloads folder. 3.) Once you have all of your files, open your Google account. You can either start from your Gmail mailbox, or go to From the waffle menu in the upper right, choose Drive. 4.) You can click the “+ New” button and select new file or new folder. This will open File Explorer to allow you to browse to the files and folders you need. You can also drag and drop files and folders from anywhere on your computer onto the Drive web page.

If you would like to be able to save to your Google Drive directly from Microsoft Office, please put in a service ticket to request the Google Drive application. After the install, we will provide the instructions for using it.

Servers upgrade:

The upgrade of our aged servers to the new server hardware has been completed. This change means that all our systems are under warranty and on much more powerful hardware. It is a very valuable change and the technology department thanks the board of directors in supporting this project.

This migration does mean that it is possible that files have a different path to find them. If you have lost access to any of your files, shortcuts on your desktop or mapped network drives, please submit a service ticket and we’ll get your access restored. No files have been destroyed and we can recover anything that you find that is missing. 

Student computer accounts

All student passwords were changed over the summer. Before we can release the new password, each student and their parents will need to have read and agreed to the technology use agreements in Infinite Campus. We will be checking daily for new submissions and a shared spreadsheet will be updated with the new student passwords.