An update from Principal Paul Lamb for BHS

An update from Principal Paul Lamb for BHS
Thank you for your continued help during this COVID 19 pandemic. Below are several items to further clarify how the high school is operating during this non contact time.
*Anyone that has not yet picked up homework packets at the high school can come in from 8-4 Friday and pick up the work. In case we are put on a tighter shelter in place, all homework for the coming weeks will be available online in each teacher’s Google Classroom. If your child is not able to access Google Classroom, please email and I will work to get the assignments to you.
*Teachers are available 8 am – 4 pm, Monday through Friday to answer student questions and for instructional purposes. They will be available via email and google classroom.
*Any hard copy work should be photographed and emailed to the respective teacher at the teacher’s school email. We are not accepting paper copy school work at the school. Please contact the school with questions or for assistance.
*There will be no point deductions for late assignments submitted.
*Participation is monitored through Google Classroom and grades will also be through completed Google Classroom work. Our attendance policy is being waived for the second semester of this school year.
*Counselors will be available via phone and email each day week (barring any further Public Health Department restrictions) from 8 am – 12 pm.
*Please call (406) 924-2543 for any questions or concerns.
*Please note: It is illegal to record any teacher or any teachers recorded video and repost in any way. Any student who engages in such activity will be disciplined.
*Students taking AP exams will be informed about new test dates and payments collections as that information is determined.
Thank you for your cooperation during these tough times. We will get through this together,
Paul Lamb, Principal
Belgrade High School