Hello from the Heck Quaw Specialists!

Hello from the Heck Quaw Specialists!

Dear Families,

Hello from the Heck Quaw Specialists! We hope things are going well for you and your family during this time. As we continue with school at home, each specialist has created an online source for your student to access with resources for Library, Physical Education, Music, and Counseling. Below are the links you’ll need to access learning for each of our content areas. If you are unable to access our information from home, please email us directly and we can provide you with technical support or a printed version.

Library:While you tackle other schoolwork at home, don’t forget to give yourself and your students a break! Reading is a great way to relax your mind. I encourage everyone to continue reading for fun during this unique time.Please subscribe to my new YouTube Channel:I Lost My Library Book and see updates on my Facebook page@Heck Quaw Library where I will be sharing read alouds and other library lessons while your library is closed. 


Physical Education:It is important to stay healthy and active. Make sure you are eating healthy, getting some fresh air and movement daily!  On my website I have provided some activities for each week including a main skill to focus on from one of our Spring units.  Each day I have given you an idea for some movement. Doing what you can and having fun is the main goal!Here is the link to my website: http://heckquawpe.weebly.com/  I also have a Facebook group: Ms. Duplissa’s Physical Education Group if you would like to join! 

Music:For music, please try your best each week to complete activity one and two on the website. There are other activities on the website that are not required, they are just for fun if you want to do them! Try your best, do what you can, and have fun!Here is the link to the music website: https://heckquawmusic.wixsite.com/music

Counseling:Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Bermingham want to let you know we are still here to support you and your family in whatever capacity we can. Check out our new website: https://heckquawschoolcounseling.weebly.com/where we have information about school, community and social/emotional learning resources you might find useful. Please know we are still here for your children during these uncertain times. We miss seeing you every day! You can email or call us to get more information or to set up a Google Hangout virtual counseling time for your child. 

If you have any questions, comments or want to check in, please do not hesitate to contact the specialist. We would be happy to answer an email or set up a time for a Google Meet video chat or phone call! If you would like to share things that your student is doing in Library, PE, or Music please email us! We would love to see what the students are doing!


The Heck Quaw Specialists

Angie Johnson, Library:ajohnson@bsd44.org

Danielle Duplissa, P.E.:dduplissa@bsd44.org

Kayleigh Griffith, Music:kgriffith@bsd44.org

Elsa Smith: Counselor:esmith@bsd44.org

Andrea Bermingham: 1st gr. Counselor:abermingham@bsd44.org