Update from Godfrey Saunders

Update from Godfrey Saunders

Dear Parents,

This communication is being sent to update you with the latest information we have on school related COVID-19 issues and district news.

Governor Bullock has extended the school closure mandate for two more weeks. This means that we will continue providing instruction in the present format until April 24, 2020, or the next closure after 4/24.

That said, we know that online instruction can be challenging and, at times, seem overwhelming. Please know that your student’s teachers are working very hard to streamline their lessons, while making sure they remain relevant. If you find that your student is becoming overwhelmed with work, don’t hesitate to communicate that information to his/her teacher. This format for teaching and learning will produce both highs and lows for students. Sometimes when a student has done her/his best on an assignment that is all that can be expected, given the circumstances today. We are not advocating that students should slack off, quite the contrary. We just want students to know that the in-class experience can’t be duplicated online, especially the immediate comprehension that comes from face-to-face instruction and learning.

Along with the above information, we want to reinforce the following:

• If a student needs internet access, a parent should contact the provider for installation and have the provider forward the installation charge and monthly fee to Christine Griffith at cgriffith@bsd44.org.
• If your student needs a laptop, please contact the appropriate school office or your student’s teacher and arrangements will be made for you to pick up a laptop.
• Learning packets can be delivered if a parent requests them. However, we are trying to go as paperless as possible in order to reduce our paper consumption and promote safety.
• Even though we are not physically attending a school site, all district rules still apply when engaging in school business.
• Any student who violates the district’s User Agreement will lose online access with the district.
• We are in talks with the Food Bank to provide weekend meals for those 18 and under. I will let you know when that becomes a reality.
• We are discussing end of year grades as well as high school graduation. It appears that having a live graduation is what most students want, even if it takes place after school is officially done for this year.
• The high school principal interviews are scheduled for today (Thursday) and Friday. There are two committees, composed of teachers, parents, students, classified staff, trustees and administrators.
• Lastly, we hope to return to school this year to provide some closure for students and teachers. However, given the current status of things, we must plan to provide online instruction through the end of the school year.

Thanks again, for your understanding and support during these uncertain times.

Godfrey Saunders