Back to School COVID-19 Information Update 08/07/20

Back to School COVID-19 Information Update 08/07/20
As new information about the re-opening of Belgrade Schools becomes available this page will be updated with that information, please check back often. Thank you.

Office of Public Instruction – Re-opening Montana Schools 2020

POSTED August 7, 2020


Dear Staff, Parents, and Students:


The Trustees for BSD44 have decided to reopen school using the in-person model with a remote platform option. This decision was not made in haste or taken lightly. It was made with the best interest of our staff, students and community in mind.



Please know that the in-person model will be different from what students have experienced in the past. This model comes with certain protocols that must be practiced and followed.

  • Everyone will be required to wear a mask or face covering during the school day.
  • Shields may be worn, but it is recommended that they be used in conjunction with a mask or face covering.
  • Students will eat lunch in their classroom in the elementary and middle schools.
  • High school students who choose to stay on campus for lunch will eat in designated areas.
  • High school will maintain an open campus during the lunch hour.
  • There will be restrictions on how students change classes. For example, in the middle school students will be grouped in pods and the teachers will travel, while students remain in class.
  • Students will be required to sanitize their hands when entering and exiting a classroom. 
  • Frequent handwashing (when feasible) will be utilized.
  • Students who are ill should not come to school.
  • Students will be assigned seating charts in every setting to aid with contact tracing. 
  • Students are required to follow seating charts.

Even with the above list of protocols, the in-person model gives teachers and students the opportunity to experience the next best thing to a normal education. Additionally, please know that we are dedicated to providing the safest working and learning conditions possible for our staff and students. If you have a suggestion or concern, please contact us. We will evaluate our efforts on a weekly basis.



The district will count on all students returning to school for in-person instruction unless they’ve completed a request for remote learning. The remote learning application deadline is necessary to allow the district to complete planning for the start of school on August 26. Choosing the remote option requires that the student participate online for one quarter or until the pandemic is not impacting our community and the district chooses to reduce online offerings.


  • The learning platform will be Google Classroom.
  • An objective will be shared in student friendly terms.
  • Students will have an outline of learning resources such as: videos, activities, digital tasks, reading and other learning activities.
  • Students must log in daily and attend synchronous (live) activities.
  • Students can expect formative feedback and regular communication.
  • Assessments will be given at the end of a unit of instruction.
  • Regular grading will be in effect and no credit will be earned if a student fails to meet the standards.


We are confident that our remote offerings will be much improved over our unplanned entrance into the process last spring. Again, we will evaluate our efforts regularly and welcome your feedback.


Thanks for your continued support and patience in these uncertain times.

Godfrey Saunders