Form - Travel/Per Diem Expense Request

Last Updated: 9/17/2021 8:52 PM

2021/2022 Belgrade Public Schools Travel/Per Diem Expense Request Form

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  • Name of Employee
    • Today's Date
  • Dates of Event
  • Dates of Travel
  • Reason for Travel
  • Event Location
  • Total # of Days Missed to Attend
  • Event Website


  • Conference Registration Needed
  • Hotel Registration Needed
  • Flights Reservations Needed
  • School Van Reservation Needed
  • Personal Vehicle (no reimbursement)
  • Other
  • Personal Vehicle (with reimbursement - no dist. van available)
    • Fill out this section only if you are requesting mileage reimbursement.
    • Auto travel: ___________miles at $0.58 (must have prior approval)
    • Personal vehicle use requires prior approval.  Supervisor must sign noting that district vehicle is not available.
      • Supervisor Initial for Mileage Reimbursement Approval
      • Total Mileage $

Fill out meal per diem.  Do not include meals if they are provided at the conference, event, or hotel.  Meals are not reimbursable for events in Belgrade or Bozeman.  Per diem amounts are set by the state of Montana as listed below.

Breakfast: QTY (In-state=$7.50, Out of state=$13) $
Lunch: QTY (In-state=$8.50, Out of state=$14) $
Dinner: QTY (In-state=$14.50, Out of state-=$23) $
  Total for Meals $


I anticipate other expenses such as baggage fees, Uber, taxi, etc. to add upon my return.

  • Yes/No

Receipts Required Upon Return

  • Receipt(s) Total for Other Expenses:  $

**Both sides of this form must be printed & all signature lines must be signed before this form will be accepted.**

  • Employee’s Signature
  • Reimbursement Total:  $

District office Approval Signature

  • Date
  • PO # used for registration
    • Codes used for registration
  • PO # used for travel/airfare
    • Codes used for travel
  • PO # used for lodging
    • Codes used for lodging


2021/2022 Belgrade Schools Leave / PD Procedure

Professional Leave may be granted by the district for training that supports the district’s professional development or strategic plan goals.


Checklist for requesting travel leave:

  • Fill out Professional Development Travel/Leave Request Form completely
    • Reimbursement Amounts as of 07/01/2021
      • Mileage:  $0.58 per mile (mileage will only be reimbursed if a district vehicle is not available and you have requested to use your personal vehicle.  Prior approval is required.)
        • Per Diem amounts In-state Travel:   Breakfast $7.50, Lunch $8.50, Dinner $14.50
        • Per Diem amounts Out of State Travel:  Breakfast $13.00, Lunch $14.00, Dinner $23.00
      • Note:  If a meal is provided (at hotel or conference) you will not be paid Per Diem for that meal.  Also, there are no meal reimbursements for events in Belgrade or Bozeman.
  • Far in advance, receive permission from your administrator to attend training.   Administrator must sign the completed Travel/Leave Form before any arrangements will be made.
  • Turn in Travel/Leave Form to the Curriculum Secretary, Rachel Andrews, in the Administration Office.  Please do not make ANY arrangements without talking to her first.  Please note:  payments made from personal accounts will not be reimbursed without prior approval from your supervisor.
  • Include the following documents with the Travel Form:
    • Name exactly as it appears on drivers’ license & DOB if flights are needed.
    • Lodging information (if applicable)
    • An agenda or conference flyer that includes meal information.
  • Enter absence:  Please enter leave in TCP to arrange a substitute.  Also, make sure to contact your building secretary to make them aware of the absence. 
  • If attending as a group, staff must carpool and may be required to share rooms.
  • Following the training, send verification of attendance to the Curriculum Secretary. Per Diem and mileage will not be reimbursed without proof of attendance at the conference.  To prove attendance at the conference, turn in CEU’s, certificate of completion, copy of badge and agenda, or other official document.  Please note that flight boarding passes are not considered as proof of attendance. Please turn in all documentation to the Curriculum Secretary in the Administration Office.  CEU’s earned during Professional Leave may not be used for pay advancement, but may be used for recertification purposes.  


If you have any questions regarding travel, please contact the Curriculum Secretary at 924-2011 or