Return to School 2021-22

Last Updated: 6/25/2021 5:52 PM

Return to School 2021-22

Belgrade Schools Back to School Plan 2021-2022 Draft

Current Phase: 3

Our Model

The Belgrade Public Schools will reopen for the 2021 – 2022 school year using one primary model for instruction: In-Person. Distance Learning will be a needs-only option, due to limited FTE and interest. Please see the Distance Learning section of the plan for more information.


Our core purpose is to educate students to become responsible members of society. Our Values are:

  • Students are our priority
  • Community and families are our partners
  • High expectations and a commitment to excellence
  • Our community’s acceptance of diversity
  • Optimizing the highest levels of respect, responsibility and integrity for all
  • Learning and working in a safe environment

Commitment to Safety

Given today’s environment, learning and working in a safe environment is not just a value, but a goal. One positive side effect of the pandemic has been the emphasis on safety and cleaning. The following list includes some of the things that BSD 44 will continue doing, in its efforts to keep everyone safe:

  • Frequent hand washing will be encouraged.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in each classroom.
  • PPE will be available on a limited basis for staff and student use.
  • HVAC systems will be evaluated.
  • Some portable Plexiglas shields are still available for staff use.
  • We will clean frequently-used spaces and equipment as resources allow.
  • Students will be asked to clean and sanitize their hands instead of the computers. Too much moisture is not good for technology.
  • Because COVID had a huge emotional effect on our educational community, we also plan to have a process in place to address the mental health of our students and employees.
  • Wearing face masks will be optional next year.

Reopening our schools still presents us with many known and unknown challenges. Will the state, county officials and the CDC find common ground on the issue of how to deal with a pandemic? What happens if the virus begins to have an adverse effect on young people? How do some people deal with the anxiety of a return to normalcy? These are valid questions. All we can do to address such questions is refer to the research and practice, to the best of our ability, the recommendations from our local, state and national health officials.

Lastly, COVID has not disappeared and this is probably not the final pandemic we will face as a school community. Our diligence, flexibility, teamwork, patience and courage enabled us to get through last year. Those qualities will also enable us to deal with the aforementioned uncertainties.

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