Middle School: September 2021 Newsletter

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Belgrade Middle School

Important Dates:

  • September   6, 2021 No school Labor Day
  • September 13, 2021 Board Meeting
  • September 28, 2021 No School PIR Day

School Administration

  • Principal: Julie Mickolio Ph:406-924-2258
  • 5-6 Vice Principal: Ruben Moreno Ph: 406-924-2510
  • 7-8 Vice Principal: Dave Smith Ph: 406-924-2274
  • Athletic Director: Jessica Christensen Ph: 406-924-2221
  • Attendance Line: 406-924-2297

Middle School 21/22 Bell Schedule

Regular Class Schedule                    

  • Advisory      
    • 8:20-8:50      
  • 1st Period    
    • 8:54-9:39        
  • 2nd Period   
    • 9:43-10:28        
  • 3rd Period   
    • 10:32-11:17        
  • 4th Period    
    • 11:21-12:08        
  • Lunch          
    • 12:08-1:01        
  • 5th Period     
    • 1:05-1:50        
  • 6th Period     
    • 1:54-2:39        
  • 7th Period      
    • 2:43-3:30        

*All classes are 45 minutes.  Lunch is 53 minutes.                

Friday Early Release Schedule

  •  Advisory        
    • 8:20-8:35
  • 1st Period            
    • 8:39-9:15
  • 2nd Period            
    • 9:19-9:55
  • 3rd Period            
    • 9:59-10:35
  • 4th Period            
    • 10:39-11:15
  • 5th Period            
    • 11:19-11:57
  • Lunch                
    • 11:57-12:48
  • 6th Period            
    • 12:52-1:28
  • 7th Period            
    • 1:32-2:10

*All Classes are 36-38 minutes.  Lunch is 51 minutes.

The Belgrade School District uses an online system to track assignments, grades, attendance, and to communicate with parents.  It is extremely important that you visit this website through bsd44.org, OR download the CAMPUS PORTAL App!  This app is a great tool for parents and creates quick and easy access to information from the school.  Please take a moment to verify your Infinite Campus Login is working.  If you do not already have your Infinite Campus account set up, please email the help desk at: helpdesk@bsd44.org.

Department News:


Welcome back! We are thrilled to have the Belgrade Middle School library open this year to students and staff. Students are allowed to check out a total of 2 books of their choice for 14 days. Please renew books in order to avoid any late fines. Fines are 10 cents per day for a maximum fine of $1.00. If students lose or damage their books, they are responsible to pay to replace the materials. We are excited to have the library open and we look forward to seeing you!

Counselors: Counseling Corner

A School Counselor DOES:

  • Work with all students to encourage a safe school climate of trust and respect.
  • Deliver classroom lessons that align to the American School Counseling Association. 
  • Facilitate small groups.
  • Meet individually with students to do brief, solution-focused counseling. 
  • Helps students who are struggling to make positive behavior choices.
  • Collaborate with parents/guardians, teachers, support staff, and administration.
  • Maintain confidentiality with students and families unless there is a need to know or a safety concern. 
  • Provide education and information about student’s social and emotional needs. 

A School Counselor DOES NOT:

  • Meet individually with students to do long-term mental health counseling/therapy.  
  • Facilitate therapy groups.   
  • Handle the discipline or assign consequences.  
  • Collaborate with only one person.  A team approach including the School Counselor works best.  
  • Share information about students and their families to appease the curiosity of others.  
  • Tell teachers how to teach in their classrooms or tell parents how to parent at home.  
  • Assign grades after lessons or teach academic subjects. 


Fall sports are beginning! Please make sure that your student is signed up in Dragonfly (www.dragonflymax.com)and that they have received their sports physical dated AFTER May 31, 2021. We look forward to watching our athletes compete! Go Panthers!


This year we have two nurses. Logan McDowell and Kelli Robinson. If your student has a health problem that they need to know about please let them know. For any questions about immunizations or other health concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact them. 

Phone: 406-924-2211 Email: lmcdowell@bsd44.org or krobinson@bsd44.org

Volunteer Information:

If  you are interested in volunteering at the school please complete the online form at bsd44.org under Our District. There will be a $21 background check fee that will need to be completed before you are eligible to volunteer. Please allow a couple of weeks for the background check to be returned.


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