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Students in grades K-12 will be issued ID cards this year. We are going to pilot the ID cards for meals and buses only at this time, but may add uses like checking books out of the library in the future. At school, we have a process in place so that K-4 students won't need to take their cards to the cafeteria. The only information contained on the card will be the student's name and ID number.

BSD44's new Student ID cardsID cards are being used for a number of reasons, like safety and efficiency. For example, if a student scans their card as they get on and off the school bus, that information will be available digitally. If we need to find out if a student got on or off the bus, all we would have to do is check the database. Under our current system, we have to call the driver or review video cameras to see if a student got on or off the bus, a process that can take precious time when you are trying to find a missing student.

Parents on Duty: Thirteen individuals attended the training for this program. It was a very positive experience for all in attendance. Hopefully our efforts in this area will be successful. There will be some growing pains, but we are excited to get things rolling!
There will be additional training for the Parents on Duty program in the future. Stay tuned.

Legal Names: Students may request to be referred to by an appropriate nickname, but all legal documents and paperwork must refer to students by the name on their birth certificate. Also, a student will not be allowed to change nicknames on a frequent basis.

Online Lessons: During the COVID nightmare, teachers were required to maintain their lessons on Google Classroom. Now that we are not under the COVID spell, teachers will not be mandated to maintain their lessons-on Google Classroom.

District Policy 3224 (Student Dress): This policy (in part) states that building administrators shall establish procedures for the monitoring of student dress and grooming in school or while engaging in extracurricular activities.  Specific regulations shall be published annually in student handbooks. Costumes and face painting are two issues affected by this policy.

For example: Appropriate costumes may be worn at school, but only when approved by the principal for certain recognized school events and activities. For safety, identification and disruption reasons, face painting will not be allowed at school.

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