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ELs/Multilingual Learners in Montana include:  

  • American Indian children who are impacted by the heritage language of their family and/or community such as Crow or Blackfeet. 
  • Hutterite children who learn German as their first language. 
  • American-born children of immigrants who learn their native language in the home from  their parents or guardians. 
  • Children who come to the United States with their parents or alone (as immigrants, as  children of international professors and students at the university level, as migrant  workers, as international exchange students and as refugees). 
  • Children who are adopted internationally by American parents. 


ELs/Multilingual Learners in Belgrade include:

  • Belgrade Schools Districts serves approximately 90 students in our K-12 English Learner Program.  
  • Languages other than English in our district include: Spanish, French, Russian, Romanian, Tagalog, Japanese and Salishan languages.