Welcome to the Belgrade School District Enrollment Page.

Above you will find the appropriate tabs that include information on enrolling your child with the district.  Please choose one of the above options to get started.

K-8 Parents/Enroll my Child

Please bring the following items to the Administration office when registering your child(ren):

1. State Issued Birth Certificate
2. Immunizations
3. Your Drivers License
4. Proof of Residency (Electric bill, refuse bill, lease agreement, Buy/Sell agreement)
5. Court Documents (Parenting Plan, Order of Protection and/or guardianship paperwork case worker information) If this pertains to your living your situation.
6. Previous School Information (School Name, Address, Phone #, and Fax #) If you choose not to fill out the paperwork online.
7. Household Information of the parent that resides in a secondary household.

Only legal guardians will be able to register their child(ren). Step-parents will not be able to register the child unless they are named in the parenting plan or have documentation they are a legal guardian to the step-child.

You can fill out the paperwork online (listed below) print off and bring to the Administration office or you may use the computers set up at the administration office.  You may also come into the Administration Office and pick up the paperwork.

Administration Office
312 N. Weaver
Belgrade, MT 59714

Registration Documents

Kindergarten Registration Packet
In-District Waiver
Non-Resident Waiver
Student Household Information Sheet
Record Request Fax
Caretaker Affidavit (Only fill out if the form pertains to you.)
Health History Form
Computer Use and Online Data Storage Permission Form
Verification of Residency
Intent to return Ridge View
Intent to Return Saddle Peak
4th Grade Intent to Return
Intent to Return Heck Quaw

Enrollment FAQ's-Follow the links below for more information:

School District Boundary Map

Food Services and School Lunch Menus

KidsLink Program

Interested in the KidsLINK after school program please call:

Danitta Bell dbell@bsd44.org for Heck/Quaw at 924.2148 or Cell 581.1190
Suzanne Galinac for Saddle Peak at 924.2748 or Cell 551.3934
Program Coordinator: Ridge View: Jan Marx   jmarx@bsd44.org

KidsLINK Enrollment Form

Transportation (School Bus) Services:

If you need Bus service, please click on the following link to fill out their form: Bus Registration Form
If you are unsure as to what boundary you live in you can call Stephanie Banks at the Transportation at 924.2621.

My child is currently enrolled

I want to:

Change our address

If you need Bus service, please click on the following link to fill out their form: Bus Registration Form
If you are unsure as to what boundary you live in you can call Stephanie Banks at the Transportation at 924.2621.

Address Changes for Currently Enrolled Belgrade Students:

During the school year, contact your school secretary and fill out a new Student Household information sheet with the updated address and home information. Provide proof of residency.

During summer break or the school year, contact Mariah Tweeton, K-8 Enrollment Clerk, at the Administration office during the summer break to update your address. Provide proof of residency. mtweeton@bsd44.org

If your child rides the bus and will no longer need bus services or now needs bus service, contact Stephanie Banks at the Transportation Department. sbanks@bsd44.org

If your new address change places your K-4 student into a different school boundary, Mariah Tweeton will make that enrollment change. Enrollment papers do not need to be filled out again.

Look at the Boundary Map

School Subdivisions

Heck/Quaw Elementary

Ryan Glenn – HQ Schools

Outlaw – HQ Schools

Meadowlark Ranch – HQ Schools

Mountain View – HQ Schools

Valley Grove – HQ Schools

Las Campanas – HQ Schools

Westlake Park – HQ Schools

Spain Bridge Meadows- HQ Schools

Ridge View Elementary

Gallatin Heights – RV Schools

River Rock – RV Schools

Countryside Estates – RV Schools

Cobble Stone – RV Schools

Homestead – RV Schools

Summit – RV Schools

Lexley Acres-RV Schools

Star Mobile – RV Schools

Royal Arabian – RV Schools

High K Subdivisions – RV Schools

Saddle Peak Elementary

Belgrade Gardens – SP Schools

Landmark – SP Schools
Four Dots Meadows – SP Schools

Contact Us for any questions:

Mariah Tweeton
K-8 District Registrar
Belgrade School District
Administration Office