New BHS Registration

Amanda Hook
BHS Registrar
303 N. Hoffman
Belgrade, MT. 59714
Phone: 406‐924‐2504
Fax: 406‐924‐2099

Helpful Information

BHS Student/Parent Handbook

Curriculum Guide

    Schools Requesting Student Records:

  • FAX your request to (406) 924‐2099
  • Email your request to:

Student Registration
Grades 9-12
Items to be completed:

Enrollment Information
‐Proof of Residency (Electric bill, lease/rental agreement, Buy/Sell

‐Court Documents (Parenting Plan, Order of Protection and/or
guardianship paperwork case worker information) If this pertains to your living your situation.

Student Residency Questionnaire (Only fill out if Section A pertains to your living situation)

Health Questionnaire

Copy of Immunizations

Previous School Info

  • School Name
  • School Mailing Address
  • Phone #
  • Fax #

Copy of Most Current Transcript

Withdrawal Form/Grades

Only legal guardians will be able to register their child(ren). Step‐parents will not be able to register the child unless they are named in the parenting plan or have documentation they are a legal guardian to the step‐child. You can fill out the paperwork online (listed below) print off and bring to the HS Registrar or you may use the computers set up at the BHS Counseling Department.