School Nurses

Ridge View Elementary

Saddle Peak Elementary

Middle School

Connie Bengston, RN, MS

Heck/Quaw Elementary

High School

Jennifer Rigard, RN, BSN

Connie Bengtson, RN, MS
District Nurse
Phone: (406) 924-2211
Fax: (406) 388-7832

Mailing Address:
Middle School
410 Triple Crown Rd.
Belgrade, MT 59714

Jennifer Rigard, RN, BSN
District Nurse
Phone 406.924.2513
Fax: 406.924.4633

Mailing Address
High School
303 N. Hoffman
Belgrade, MT 59714

School Health Services


Individual Health Care Plans

Individual Care Plans are created for many other conditions!

Belgrade Schools Concussion Protocol

1.District Concussion Protocol:

*When an injury occurs from a bump, blow, or jolt to the head, the student should be monitored.

*Use the Concussion Checklist to record the student’s signs and symptoms for 30 minutes.

*For more severe symptoms the student should receive immediate referral to a healthcare professional. Send the copied checklist AND the School Recommendations form (for return to school).

*Checklist is to be copied and sent with student if he or she is picked up from school. A copy is to remain at the school, including for those students who are returned to class after 30 minutes.

2. School Forms:

3. Website link for more information: