School Health Services

School Health Services

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School Nurse Contacts

Heck/Quaw Elementary and High School

Jordyn Rollins, RN, BSN
Office: 406-924-2513
Fax: 406-924-4633

Ridge View Elementary and Saddle Peak Elementary

Heather DeGraw, RN
Office: 406-924-2027
Fax RV: 406-924-2047  Fax SP:  406-924-2759

Middle School

Logan McDowell, RN, BSN
Office: 406-924-2211
Fax: 406-924-2241

 School Nurse Role

School nurses play a unique role in providing health care within the school setting.

But what DO they do?

➢ Address the physical, mental, emotional, and social health needs of students to support their well-being and academic success while in school.

➢ Provide direct care to students with injuries and acute illness, as well as those requiring long term management of chronic and special health care needs.

➢ Serve as a confidential liaison between school personnel, families, health care professionals, and the community.

➢ Develop and carry out the individualized health care plan.

➢ Serve as a health expert on multidisciplinary teams.

➢ Provide leadership for health policies and programs, and for the overall system of health care in the school, ensuring that health needs are met.

➢ Help assess and promote a safe and healthy school environment.  

Belgrade Schools Concussion Protocol

Belgrade Schools Concussion Protocol

1.District Concussion Protocol:

*When an injury occurs from a bump, blow, or jolt to the head, the student should be monitored.

*Use the Concussion Checklist to record the student’s signs and symptoms for 30 minutes.

*For more severe symptoms the student should receive immediate referral to a healthcare professional. Send the copied checklist AND the School Recommendations form (for return to school).

*Checklist is to be copied and sent with student if he or she is picked up from school. A copy is to remain at the school, including for those students who are returned to class after 30 minutes.

2. School Forms:

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