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Parent Resources

Parents and Guardians of Multilingual Learners check out these resources to help you support your students.  

General Resources:

Resources for parents on everything from navigating school to supporting literacy.  

Parent Teacher Conference advice on how to make the most out of parent teacher conferences. 

Colorín Colorado has great articles on how you can best support your student in language acquisition.  This resource has everything from early literacy support to how to support teenagers. 

WIDA Family Resources WIDA is who runs the yearly ACCESS test for students.  They have great resources to explain the test and how the results are used by teachers to help support your student. 

Reading Tips is in 13 languages and helps families support literacy at home.   

Help your child learn to read has great advice on tips for families to support young readers. 

International Children's Digital Library has free children's books in a variety of languages so you can read with your student in your home language and in English as you choose. 

Raising Teens in a New Country: A Guide for the Whole Family is from Bridging Refugee Youth and Children services.  The guide is available in English, Spanish and Arabic. 

Content Resources:

Resources for parents to help support a child in specific content areas. 

Brainpop is a resource the district pays for.  Your student should have a log in. The username and password should be the same they use to log into a school computer.  Your student's teachers may assign homework on here. Or if you notice your student is missing some background knowledge to complete a homework assignment you can use the content videos to learn about the topic.  

Khanacademy is a free resource with great videos on all sorts of content.  Many teachers use this resource in their classrooms as extra support for students who need it.  Topics range from 1st grade math to AP Chemistry.  es.khanacademy is starting to provide these resources in Spanish.  

Resources to Practice Spanish:

Maintaining and growing in the home language is vital for your student.  Supporting their growth in the home language will help them grow in English. 

PBS Spanish Games

Songs in Spanish

Fables in Spanish

Podcast of stories for bilingual families

If you would like support finding resources for other home languages please contact us so we can start developing more language resources.