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The Curriculum Department - Focus Areas

  • Standards Based Instruction (SBI) implementation
  • Materials or digital tool pilots
  • Textbook or online resource selection
  • Staff professional development travel arrangements
  • 5-12 Course approval
  • Academic Calendar development
  • Assessments - local, state, federal
  • Student performance reporting

The Curriculum Department - Other Areas of Responsibility

  • Federal grants
    • Title 1: Remedial help in reading and math 
    • Title 2: Professional development, mentorship, reducing class size
    • Title 3: Support for English Learners (EL)
    • Title 4: Support for student programs, health & safety, tech PD
  • Administration of Mickinney-Vento (Homeless Students)
  • Montana Gifted and Talented Grant
  • Montana Office of Public Instruction Reporting
  • District Continuous School Improvement Plan
  • Instructional technology integration
  • Promote Indian Education for All, Montana’s constitutional mandate

Curriculum Staff

  • Curriculum Director 924-2008
  • Curriculum Assistant & Homeless Liaison 924-2011

Please contact the administrative office if you have additional questions regarding the information on this page, or If you are experiencing difficulty accessing the information on this page. Please call 406-924-2492.