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Assessment Grade Level Subject Areas Purpose Required By
Fastbridge K-8 Math & English Inform Instruction District
i-Ready K-8 Math & English 2nd data Point for subjects District
STAR 9-11 Math & English Placement District
SBAC 3-8 Math & English Accountability State
SBAC Science 5 & 8 Science Accountability State
National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) 4 & 8 when selected Math, Science, English National statistics and accountability Federal Government
WIDA K-12 new English speakers English Proficiency Determine EL status/needs Federal Government
ACT 11 English, Math, Science College entrance, state accountability State
AP 10-12 Variety Summative determination of mastery of AP content Student Choice
MSAA K-12 Math, Science, English - alternative test Accountability State