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Universal Design and ADA Reminders

Use this web page to assess if your digital information (web page, newsletter, DOC, PDF) meets all accessibility standards and best practices.  If you have any questions about your digital information please email the helpdesk for assistance.  

Download/Print Copy of how to make your google doc Accessible.

If you would like to schedule a training session please send an email to to begin that process with the Website Administrator.


  • The digital information consists of true (selectable) text and not an image of text
  • The text is clear and easy to understand.
  • The font and text size are adequate to make the content readable.
  • UPPERCASE, bold, and italic text are used sparingly
  • The language and tone in written text is appropriate


  • The digital information has a clear and descriptive title.
  • Headings and subheadings are present to organize information into topics and categories. 
  • Bullet list are present to organize related material into key points.
  • Numerical lists are present to organize numerical process.
  • The reading order on the digital information accurately matches visual order.
  • Heading, subheading, bullet point layout example


  • The links in a digital information are easy to recognize and underlined.
  • The link text is clear and accurately describes where the link will take a reader.
  • All link text is unique unless the links are leading a reader to same page.
  • Link phrases such as "click here" and "more" or "continue" are not used.
  • Link focus indicators for keyboard users are easy to identify visually.


  • Images that convey important information have alternative text (alt text).
  • The alt text is brief and accurately describes intent of the image.
  • The alt text is within 8-80 CHARACTERS long (not words).
  • The alt text is not repetitive and does not use phrases such as "image of" or "graphic of".
  • If the digital information is in an image format (JPEG, PNG, etc) as transcript for the digital information is also available.


  • The colors or shades used in the digital information makes the content readable.
  • Color is not the only method used to distinguish or emphasize important text or links.
  • There is good color contract between the foreground and background content.
  • There is good color contrast between the text color and background color.