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School Board Members

  • Holly Murray - Board Chair -
    • Elected 2019, re-elected 2022, term ends 2025
    • Holly Murray Trustee
  • Steve Garvert - Vice Chair -
    • Elected 2019, re-elected 2022, term ends 2025
  • Nicole Blount - Trustee -
    • Elected 2020, re-elected 2023, term expires 2026
    • Nicole Blount Trustee
  • Mary Ellen Fitzgerald - Trustee -
    • Elected 2015, re-elected 2018, 2021, term ends 2024
    • Mary Ellen Fitzgerald Trustee
  • Frank Stock - Trustee -
    • Elected 2018, re-elected 2021, term ends 2024
  • Jessi McCloud - Trustee -
    • Appointed 2022, elected 2023, term ends 2026
    • Jessi McCloud
  • Rocky Smith - Trustee -
    • Appointed 2023, term ends 2024



Mission Statement - What is our purpose?

Our mission is to encourage all students to reach their potential while preparing them to become productive members of society.

Core Values - How will we behave?

  • Leadership: Strive to become the leaders of tomorrow by modeling leadership in our school community today.
  • Student-Centered: Center everything we do on the student and student learning.
  • Collaboration: Engage with students, family, staff and community to support student success.
  • Teamwork: Work together because we are all one team.

Vision Statement - What does success look like?

The Belgrade School District will create a learning environment where everyone embraces community, values integrity, and embodies the community’s desire to graduate every child ready for success in the next stage of life.

Strategic Goals - How will we succeed?

  1. Communication: Increase and improve internal and external communication systems by creating open, two-way communication between the Board, administration, staff, students, parents/guardians, unions and the greater Belgrade community.
  2. Building a School Community: Unify the K-12 school system with increased focus on high academic achievement, school branding, cooperative relationships between buildings and support for students and staff.
  3. Community Engagement: Build and strengthen partnerships and communication with families, local businesses, other educational organizations, community agencies and advocacy groups to engage community stakeholders in the educational process for all students.